The Leap

By Ann Shayne
October 21, 2017

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  • You all have leapt — and thank you!

  • One of the best commencement speechs I’ve ever heard was in 1984 (or ’85 or ’86 LOL) by Jim Lehrer, who siad the one thing you should remeber about this speech is Risk. Risk Risk. Risk. In the early 90s I learned that of all the speeches Jim has given that is the one that people praise him for the most. And this was just a small liberal arts college crowd.

    In my “work life” I did try to faithfully follow that advice. On a particukar occasion I didnt and will forever regret that. Although Jim stuck to career advice, subconsciously, I knew this advice applied to my “personal life” too, In response to a long-ago internet dating questionnaire my answer to “what have you learned from past relationships?” I wrote: “The risk is worth it.”

    Thank you for this post reminding me about risk.

  • This sounds like the perfect “listen” for a full day of knitting and watching the rain outside. Unfortunately, that is not today… but I will definitely give it a listen. I heart these podcasts!

  • I so admire the sheer tenacity of Henny for life….. saddened that a woman still has to fight for rights to her children.