Knit to This: Volcano Edition

By Ann Shayne
July 27, 2019

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  • See also: videos of the Krafts and their work on volcanoes. They were amazing volcanologists.

  • On the lighter side, I recommend “Joe versus the Volcano “ with Tom Hanks.

  • Had you been living with us oh say about 30 years ago, you would have been 100% familiar with the difference between a’a and pahoehoe and why to flee pyroclastic flows. (I believe it was the Kraffts who died in one, no?)

    • It was …Maurice and Katia Krafft. Was it Mount Unzen?

    • My husband is a “disaster movie of the week” fan, and Dante’s Peak is right in his wheelhouse. I just like it cause Pierce is in it – win win all round 🙂

  • Check out the Hawaiian eruption of Kiluea on the USGS website. Stunning videos of the lava flows during the entire eruption period.

  • FYI: no day of watching eruptions is complete without listening to Jimmy Buffett ‘s “Volcano” – fins up! ;0)

  • was ALWAYS a pierce fan!!

  • Many years ago, a dear friend and her husband retired to their dream house in Monserrat after years of saving their pennies. And then the volcano started spewing ash and the lava cut off access to their home. They got out and continued to almost literally camp out in a safer area of the island until they both passed away.

  • You missed some options that include an Icelandic volcano! For the literary minded, there is Jules Verne’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth.” For those wanting something more musical, I recommend Rick Wakeman’s album based on the Verne tale (and bearing the same name).

  • As a geologist, I can relay that the scientific inaccuracies of Dante’s Peak along with Brosnan’s sexy portrayal of a volcanologist are the source of much amusement for geologists everywhere.

    • Liz, do you and your fellow geologists ever watch movies together and play fallacy bingo?

      • No, but that sounds like a great idea! I’m sure, back in the day, there was some sort of game involving beer. Dante’s Peak and Tremors … Never fail to entertain!

    • So funny!

  • “General, you better put jam in your pockets, because we are all about to be toast…” – Scientist to General of local base re: impending eruption of Mt. Pinatubo (NOVA PBS) 😀

  • Watch the Icelandic series Lava Field on Netflix- lots of beautiful scenery.

  • In all seriousness, I am fascinated by volcanoes and am looking forward to watching the videos about the Krafts!
    Pun intended?