Snap Judgment

By Kay Gardiner
February 17, 2018
Knitting + radio = meant for each other.

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  • So happy to read that you’ve become a Snap Judgment fan! I’ve listened to this podcast for a couple of years and I’m always entertained by Glyn’s topics. I am also three quarters of the way through reading The Monk of Mohka – fascinating true story! Enjoy your posts and retained smiled when I read this one.

  • They used to call that a driveway moment, before the smartphone. I’ve done it many times. I’m going to try this one. Dare I say it but I need a replacement for (Gasp) Leonard Lopate. YMMV.

  • Hahahaha. I had forgotten about Grandma’s telephone table with the snazzy green vinyl bench. Thanks!

  • Loved this line in today’s post..”the phone cord reaches everywhere nowadays!” And I think my little granddaughters would say, “Mimi, what’s a phone cord?”

  • I don’t listen to the radio much, but after seeing that one in the Mason jar I want one!

  • Yeah, I don’t do podcasts either. But then I’m not a big radio fan to tell the truth. It takes so much longer to listen to information than to just READ it! I’m too impatient, and I find listening to people talking (or anything) rather wearing.

  • Just discovered (thanks to this blog post) Snap Judgement’s “Spooked” podcast. Real life supernatural stuff. About two goosebump-inducing stories per episode. Yay! Let the binging begin…

  • Podcasts are new to me, but I’ll check it out. I still listen to a radio that plugs in, and isn’t even digital. Some evenings it has to be stood on it’s end to pick up Jazz FM. For some reason, the University of Toronto radio station comes in better at night.

  • Thanks Kay…I’m new-ish to the pod universe and looking for some winners. I have to turn off the political pods before my head explodes – even if it’s Pod save America (the best!)

  • Serial was the first podcast I listened to. The episodes were true story of a convicted criminal that may not have committed the crime. I have listened to a few knitting podcasts sporadically and enjoyed them. I will have to listen to Snap Judgement. I enjoy reading and listening.

  • WNYC is what’s on in my house, with the occasional WQXR. (I stumbled one Saturday on an amazing “Carousel” from Lyric Opera in Chicago). However, I do find myself missing Jonathon Schwartz and Leonard Lopate, and like many, am perplexed at how things were handled at the station. I bought a Google mini to be able to stream what is now called “American Standard” but it sounds like a bad Spotify playlist. But, their daily email often points me to interesting things I have missed. I do have two WNYC totebags, but for a while I didn’t feel like using them.
    Wait, Wait; Studio 360; Brian Lehrer and Jamie Floyd are in my home and car on a daily basis – makes my day complete.

  • I freaking LOVE Snap Judgement! So many amazing stories. It’s the one thing I give money to every month. I get so much out of it- it’s the least I can do.
    (Sporkful is also delightful in a different way, if you’re looking for something else)

  • How cool is that? A one station Mason Jar!

  • I love that mason jar radio!

    Btw you may live in NYC and all, but only Minneapolis-St.Paul has public radio that’s called KNOW. It’s all I listen to when it comes to radio.

  • And there is no reason to give Ma Bell more money each month to get an upstairs extension, now, is there? I’ll have to add Snap Judgement to my walking list.

  • I am a bit behind in my reading and radio listening. So I especially want to thank you for this article. It was the breath of fresh air I needed.