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  • I love Roxane Gay! I met her once at the Midwest Writing Workshop and attended a few of her panels. She’s an amazing lady, forthright, strong, and wicked smart.

    I didn’t know about her podcast; I can’t wait to listen to it!

  • Your daily emails are simply wonderful!! Beautifully written, always inspiring and so fun to open. I just wanted to thank you for putting in such an ongoing effort to keep all of us knitters entertained and excited.

    • I totally agree! Thank you, Kay and Ann.

  • Thanks for the reminders of the ones I’ve missed. It is COLD out there, so I am inside, making borscht and knitting another hat.

    • Volunteering to be taste tester for the borscht!

  • I had no idea Roxane Gay was podcasting, I’ll add her to the list! I would also recommend…
    My Favourite Murder
    The Dollop
    We’re No Doctors
    Pod Save America

    All are fantastic knitting companions…

  • Can I make a couple more suggestions of British podcasts that I love… Standard Issue Podzine and Standard Issue Gigcasts: a women’s magazine in your ears that never makes you feel bad and has items about everything women might be interested in, so everything; The Guilty Feminist: comedy about trying to be a good feminist whilst sometimes not quite making the grade; Global Pillage: diversity based comedy panel show.

  • David Cassidy? Really? I second the Pod Save America suggestion and add Pod Save the World. Stuff You Missed in History is always good. The episode about the history of the Sears company in the South is fascinating. From Canada I enjoy Quirks and Quarks (science) and White Coats/ Black Arts (medicine). Also I just head a replay of someone being interviewed by Peter Gzoski and it made me very nostalgic, hearing his voice again.