Truman Capote Reads ‘A Christmas Memory’

By Ann Shayne
December 16, 2017

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  • Love the photo!

  • Love this story of your parents and grandparents and what a great photo!!!

  • I love the old TV movie of a Christmas Memory from the 1960’s. It starred Geraldine Page. It always reminded me of my Aunt Cille (also from Alabama and a bit eccentric). Loved it! Not crazy about the remakes and it is difficult to find the old one. Wish they would do a really wonderful remake.

  • This is picture is such an intriguing glimpse of a Christmas Past. I’ve been ruminating on similar matters lately–packing, moving, unpacking will do that to you. Thanks for sharing.

  • We read “A Christmas Memory” aloud anytime between Thanksgiving and Christmas–whenever someone feels moved and the audience is unplugged. I can hear Truman’s high nasally voice come through no matter who is reading it. “Love is all you need” no matter where you live.

  • I always like listening to Dylan Thomas’ reading of his poem “A Child’s Christmas in Wales”.

  • Slides and those still one second moments from the past. I became the family keeper of all slides dating back 1951-1974-we then did polaroids. In Nov. I made a DVD compilation for my 91 year old father set to tunes he loves and cry like a baby every time I watch. My mom has been gone 24 years so the slides help me see her again as memories seem to fade as I age.
    Thank you for sharing your “moment”.

  • You have a FB page !?!? WOW !! I have both of your wonderful books. So happy to find you. 🙂

  • Parents and grandparents are such a mystery

    • So true.

  • My Virginia grandmother always talked about visiting her in-laws (Lower East Side Jewish) in the city. She always made new outfits for everyone. She said everything was dirty, and loud, and “you could never put your feet on the earth”.

    I love NYC myself. But loved her house too, where there was no shortage of putting both your feet and your hands into the earth.

  • Forgot to tell you that when I first saw this image at the top of the post, I thought that was Clif where your mom is sitting.

    How lucky you are to have such photographs. Yay, Dad of Ann!

  • What a special place this lil home on the WWW is during the holidays. Or maybe I’m just a sap. But I love it.

    I purchased a feeding photo scanner and plan to spend as much time as I can at my Grandpa Cruse’s house this year, saving memories. From what I can tell, Google Photos is the best place for storing them due to the facial recognition and well, piece of mind in knowing they are stored with Google, who I don’t think is going anywhere. I wish they’d let you edit or improve the facial recognition, but at least gramps can help me caption them all. My lil Xmas hope is that someday my kid’s kid’s can whip out their lil smartphones (or whatever they are then) and pull up load of pictures of their great great grandparents and such.

    Happy holidays, Ann, Kay, and the whole MDK fam!