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  • Please change the name, skanket is too close to skank, which isn’t a complementary word here in the UK. Does the US use Skank as a derogatory term? What about using blankarf instead?

    • #teamBlankarf

      • “Blankarf” can be shortened to “barf” (if you’ve got a twisted–um–creative mind). It is described as a scarf/wrap and looks deliciously so. How nice to wrap it around oneself when the weather turns chilly. The yarn looks wonderful, although I have forgotten it’s name. At 26″x 7′, thank goodness you did not use the called for fingering yarn!
        Well, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet so wear it in good health, Ann. It will look great on you no matter what you call it!

    • Yeah, “skank” isn’t such a nice term in the US either. I was going to let it go though because of the c and the -et (though “skank-ette”…. hm). Blankarf it is! Or Blarf!

    • I was giggling at the same thing… There’s nothing skanky about that lovely blankarf. 😀

    • It isn’t a nice word in the US, either! I don’t know what happened to my previous post, but that was a word was quite the nasty one when I was in high school. It’s a beautiful blanket scarf.

  • Darn spelling errors, scanket not skanket

  • A long, wide scarf, in my experience, is called a ‘Stole’. It’s lovely, and the colours are just perfect!

    • Indeed, it’s a stole! “Stole” sounds so elegant, so soignée – much more glamorous than a scarf.

  • Blarf! I love it. Although that sounds a bit like ‘barf’, which in the UK is a synonym for vomiting. Egads but this nomenclature business is fraught with difficulty!

    • Yep, that’s what “barf” means in the US as well. “Blarf” isn’t going to work for me . . .

  • It’s a scarf. If anything, the length is a confirmation of that. After all, the scarf Tom Baker wore as Doctor Who is said to have been between 12 and 24 feet long!

  • It’s a wrap. As in “How lovely to see you, m’dear. Let me take your wrap.”

  • You didn’t ask, but skip using the onion yarn or it will be a barf.

  • Wrap + Blanket = Wrapet

    Scarf + Wrap = Scarap

    Wrap + Scarf = Wrarf

    • ooooooohhhh…I love Wrapet!

  • I like Rhinebeck Rectangle! Mega Scarves and blanket scarves seem to be ‘in’ (the Paper Store and A.C. Moore are even selling them) In reality , though, this is going to end up as a couch potato cozy.

    • Don’t forget Architexture, another Mega Scarf, which I will be gifting to my 6′ tall stepdaughter who is an architect (get it?). Mine ended up about 7′ long and 16″ wide, which makes it more scarfy than wrappy, but still… it’s a big motha!

  • Shawl? Scarf?
    Schawl? Scharf?

    Whatever you call it, and however you wear it, it’s Beautiful!!

    (Basically that is the size I make all my sh/scarfs. I wear it under my coat like a scarf from the parking lot to the office, then I wear it around my shoulders the rest of the day. Perfect size!)

  • In my neck of the woods, a blanket that’s not big enough for a bed is a throw.
    Scarf + throw = scrow.

  • It’s a blankie! Love the colors muchisimo.

  • “Today is the first day when I can feel autumn in the air conditioning”

    I laughed aloud!

    (Same here in Houston: at last!)

  • The colors are divine!!!!

  • Blarf. Call it a blarf. And it’s gorgeous.

  • I fully support Ann’s right to make up a word and use it as she sees fit. That’s what Shakespeare did. And Lewis Carroll. It’s just so brainular! So yeah, it’s a scanket. That other word is an entirely different word, with a completely different origin and everything.

  • I love the colors, whatever you call it. We’re feeling the cooler weather here in Dallas, too!

  • Beautiful, whatever you call it. And I like both “Rhinebeck Rectangle” and “Scrow.”

    You are dressing for upstate New York in mid-October. My “local” fiber festival, the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival near Portland, OR in September generally has much warmer weather. It was just last weekend, and the day I went the temperature was in the low 70s, so I wore my mixed linen and wool yarns “scrawl” (sharf?). I guess that in that case I could call it a “Linsey-Woolsey Scrawl!”

    • Oh scrawl is the best!!

  • The Rhinebeck Rectangle is beautiful. I can imagine it worn as a wrap with a shawl pin to assist in origami-ing different shapes and varied layers of warmth.

  • Stole! Perfect! Might even steal part of the show in Rhinebeck with your stole. (Just don’t stand too close to a certain sweater with large flower…..)

  • stole is perfect, which yarn you use mostly to makes stoles and scarf ?

  • Skanket sounds like a young Skank, or the child you hope your son will not hang out with. Blarf sounds like something that happens after eating that Chinese take-out in the frig that you can’t recall ordering. Just call it a really big scarf, it’s not ashamed of being one of the big gals, no body shaming for this scarf. Just because she is bigger than the others she is still beautiful.

  • Wouldn’t it just be called a wrap? Like a pashmina?

  • Gotta go with stole. Please post a picture of you modeling it, Ann.

  • Mason-Dixon has published a coloring book. I think you should also publish a dictionary of all the words you have come up with over the years. Clever writing and fun to read!