Knit to This: The White Album

By Ann Shayne
August 25, 2018

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  • I just ordered it from the library as somehow I missed this one. Thanks!

  • When I saw your topic “The White Album”, I thought it would be about the Beatle’s masterpiece. Instead, I will be listening or reading Didion’s masterpiece – thank you. If you haven’t already seen it, there is a documentary about Didion (she participates!) that is excellent as well.

    • Yes, I was a bit disappointed.

  • Earlier this month Book Bub offered me Didion’s Collected Essays including White Album and two other books. I was blown away by how well these essays held up after so many years and so many changes in the world and in me. I read these when they were first published and I thought they were really good. Now, I am astonished at how amazingly good they are. Now, I will have to try hearing them read. Thanks for the suggestion!

    • I am totally addicted to audio books. They enable me to read and do something else at the same time, like knit, walk the dog, and do household chores, should that ever happen. What I miss is the ability to take notes or mark certain passages, see any inclusions in the print format such as maps or lists of major characters or photos, and I can’t participate in my on-line book club’s discussion without a print copy because I can’t spell the proper nouns. Still, more than 90% of my book consumption is by ear.

  • Did you see the biopic about Didion, called The Center Will Not Hold? You can stream it on Netflix. Fascinating.

    • Yes, definitely! A writer’s life is always interesting to me, hers especially. Kay wrote about it last year:

    • I really enjoyed that doco after reading Kays piece last year. Wondering if I have enough courage to read The Year of Magical Thinking yet, as its themes are very relevant to me right now.

  • I just re-read Slouching Towards Bethlehem for the eleventyeth time; Didion’s writing never fails to astonish. I want to slow down when I read her. I spotted her on the 57th Street crosstown bus a few years ago and couldn’t have been more thrilled if she was a Beatle.

  • i love reading and listening! Ive spent many summer evenings listening to Sedaris books (and he’s the narrator) and knitting. Summer of ease….
    Not to mention I love Didion. I am overdueto re-read the White Album.

  • Thank you for your comments. I enjoy seeing your recommendations. I’m going to check this out & also like the listen/read idea.

  • I, too, have discovered the benefits of reading printed page and listening simultaneously, but was delighted to find the trifecta of knitting at the same time — if you lose your place in your knitting or on the page, the audio carries you along.