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  • Amen, Sister!

  • Perfect metaphor expressed in cables. Realistic yet still life affirming. You nailed it.

  • Yup. The swerve. We all have that moment. Or those moments. Nicely realized.

  • Loving your process for this!

  • I like it. It feels right.

  • The past year of my life has been a swerve. I love your interpretation.

  • So beautiful, and so beautifully written.

  • The swerve says it. Perfect graphic representation.

  • Love this – it’s perfect!

  • I am deeply moved by this. You created a way to record a response to changes in circumstance similar to the way trees do it. You are a knit artist. Also, you made me cry.

  • Ann, thank you.

  • I especially like that not all the cables swerve back to where they were before. Some are roughly in the same place, some aren’t going back. Well-representative for all of our lives – thank you for sharing.

  • Quin’s observation, “…similar to the way trees do it.” brought me to tears.
    Ann, you’ve created a Life Tree.

  • This sweater just stuns me with its creativity and its poetry. Just wow.

  • Interesting how all the difficult times can end up creating a beautiful life.

  • Brilliant!!!!

  • Perfect! I love it!

  • “A wholesale swerve.” Excellent, both as a life metaphor and a design element! Love it!

  • Swerve is brilliant. Quinn is brilliant.
    Is it wrong to say that I like this better than anything on the show? I am biased, after all.
    xoxoxoxoxoxox Kay

  • Before I saw the swerves, I was wondering how your cables would handle my favorite metaphor for the scary, brutal, and/or depressing bumps in life: a sharp left turn into the Twilight Zone. I may have to play this idea, some yarn, and some needles. . .;-)!

  • I can’t tell you how much I love this. What a wonderful piece of conceptual art! (That you’re getting lovely sweater out of this, too, is just gravy.)

  • In the life of chromosomes, there is a phase of mitosis and meiosis called metaphase. This section looks just like metaphase. But you knew that. Good work.

  • You know this is brilliant, don’t you? I love it. And, like everything else in life, it’s going to look fabulous with jeans. Just a suggestion, but would you consider over-dyeing it when you’re done? Even if you don’t actually do it, considering it could be part of the fun/angst of it as a “life” project.

  • Just wonderful. I think the swerves look fab!

  • Ditto all of the above! (except, i think that actually dying it would alter the basic “reality”).
    You’ve got another hit on your hands Ann.
    Knit on!

  • I love this. The metaphors, the creation. I want to try this myself, not in a sweater form but a scarf or simple shawl. It is brilliant. Thank you.

  • This reminds me of the old quilts Grandma made. She could look at the pieces of old clothes and tell stories of the time and person. Very thoughtful.

  • I think this is my all time favorite knit~I just love it. You and it are truly gorgous!

  • Love “The Swerve” The initial iteration reminded me of a random cable sweater that you had knit in a child’s size some years ago.

  • Love “The Swerve” The initial iteration reminded me of a random cable sweater that you had knit in a child’s size some years ago.

  • Love it!! Ann, you are a genius.

  • This really resonates with me.

  • I’m going through a rough patch right now and your sweater made me cry. I love it. Thank you.