A Knitalong Is Coming

By Kay Gardiner
November 1, 2016

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  • Hooray!!! Can’t wait!!! Is there linoleum on the floor? Formica-topped tables and chairs? And an old Corning Ware stove-top percolator? I’m there!

  • This sounds like so much fun! Can’t wait!

  • I’m in Group #2. Ever since the discussion about Grandpa Sweaters, I’ve been thinking about knitting a Circumnavigated Cardigan for myself with Peace Fleece.

  • Amazing!

  • I’m in group 2 and am going to be knitting Jo Sharp’s Fitted Cardigan from Knit 3 for myself. The book is so old it has cobwebs. Classic cardis never go out of style….that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Lol. It’s also my first cardi. I’ve been knitting for about 15 years. I just kept getting distracted by other knits.

    • This is a fantastic idea! Perhaps a cardigan-along is in order!

  • Yay!!!!

  • I’m in Group 1, sigh. Not Huge list, unless you notice that I actually work in a non-knitting job for most hours of the day. I can’t wait to snuggle down in a corner of the corduroy couch with a tankard of tea at hand and some encouragement from the room. Y’all are my tribe, and I need you!

  • I think I overlap groups. My ill be part of group 2 and start another Icelandic sweater for me! In any case, I can be a great cheerleader and enabler — I’ll bring my pompom sand megaphone and keep ya’ll going when the caffeine isn’t helping!

  • Just what I need. A distraction from my need/insane idea to paint our whole house, while Mr S builds my she-shed/zen-den.

    I can sit on the sofa and watch him (I do like the way that tool belt sits low on his hips) pound some nails, while I cast on and curse my mid-counted stitches….

    I’m in.

  • I don’t really fit in any of the groups, but I will be the cheerleader! When I first opened the post, I couldn’t help but notice the harvest gold plastic coffee pot. I got one just like it in my wedding shower over 45 years ago! I had it until we moved 3 years ago. 🙂

  • I’ll bring wine.

    • Then I’ll be knitting easy: in garter stitch!

  • I’m in Group #1 but I’m about half done. The nine gifts that need to be mailed are finished. That leaves eight to go. See you in the Lounge!

    • Totally sensible goals, Danielle!

    • Oh Danielle….you are amazing.

    • How the heck do you get it all done? I wish I could do that!

  • Yippee Skippy

  • This looks like fun. I’m in group 2 this year but I’ve been a 1 and a 3 in years past.

  • Sounds like fun! And there WILL be boxes of rich, dark, chocolate to keep our energy up, right?

    • Yes, along with the wine and garter stitch!

  • Great ideas: kal and lounge.

  • Hooray! I’m in Group 1, although I’m only knitting 6 gifts and 3 of them are already finished. Perhaps I’ll be able, eventually, to join the ranks of the smug snickerdoodled rubberneckers. 😀

  • I do hope there is boiling water and really good tea. Some knitters just don’t do coffee. 😉

  • I’m more in group 1. With luck, I will finish (for the 2nd time, some reknitting has been involved) my Fall sweater by tomorrow night (meant to be finished a montha ago, but so many things, like life, got in the way), and I will need to go hardcore to finish my husbands borthday sweater (Dec 21), a baby sweater for baby due in mid December, and kitty hat for my two year old granddaughter, due right now. It should work out , and company will be nice. (I guess i need to own my solid group 1 status, don’t I?)

    • Can I just say– your writing never fails. Come here for the knitting, love the words.

  • I guess I’m in Group 1 this year: because I’ll be traveling almost all of November, my deadline for gift knitting was Oct. 31! Almost made it; today is devoted to finishing up the last project (which involves grafting 68 stitches). But there’s internet where I’m going, so I’ll see y’all on Opening Day. And when I get home, I’ll happily join Group 2 and get back to the Modern Quilt Wrap pour moi!

  • I’m usually I’m in group 2, but this year I’m actually knitting 1 gift. Since it has to be ready to hand over at thanksgiving, I cast on this past weekend. Does that still count?

  • Hope Starbucks Via coffee packs are doable. Sanka is just too hard to swallow. I laughed at Group 2. Someday I hope to make it there!

  • Let your freak flags fly!!

  • Can’t wait! Coffee mug and needles at the ready.

  • Okay-found one for every person on the list. Make little wire hangers-

  • I am in group 2. I am also rotating through five or six projects right now, as the mood strikes me.

  • Ok, confessing to Group1 here. I have decided on a pattern and suitable yarn, switched 3 times for needle and guage and have 1.20 sleeves completed of a pullover for Mom. Due 12/27. I definitely need encouragement. All other projects are on hold. Think I’m crazy? See you in the Lounge!

  • Desperately want to be in the 1st group and yet, I fear, I am in the 3rd. 😉

  • I haven’t firmly committed to a group yet (which means I’m likely to be group #3 . . . ) but I’m in, no matter what!

  • So fun–I love knitting with this group! I am just knitting gifts for my own lovely self this year, so I am somewhere between #2 and #1, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the ghost of #3 showed up sometime in December, as she’s been known to do–I do have a long honey-knit list.

  • What a fabulous idea!! We all need encouragement and cheering on to finish all of our holiday gifts on time! Count me in!!!

  • Coolest lounge in the universe!!
    Good thing it’s a virtual one. IRL knitting circles I can never seem to keep my yap shut & get any knitting done !

  • I’m sorry, there has to be real milk, not just Cremora. I will bring a couple of half-pints, in a cooler filled with Coldpaks.

  • I think I’m in group 3, sliding there out of group 2. That’s the way knitalongs go for me, no, no, wellllleeee, ok.

    I can smell the musty plastic tablecloth already. Ours meant summer had arrived and the picnic tablecloth was getting spread out in the backyard.

  • I’m going to be sewing a few small gifts this year. Is there a plug in the corner where I could set up my machine? I would let you stroke my Robert Kaufman plaid flannel…. It’s delicious to touch.

  • I am expecting the lounge will have a color scheme of Avocado green and Harvest gold.

  • Reading your post while standing in line waiting to vote and smiling. Let me tell you, I’m the only one smiling. Can’t wait for the fun to begin … going to go dig in my stash when i get home.

  • I would be all set if I could get my nursing glider repaired. It hasn’t glided (glid?) in years.

  • Yay! Such fun, no doubt. But HOW is this lounge actually going to work?

  • I think I’m leaning towards the idea of just knitting things I think I want to knit, then finding deserving recipients. I like this idea–I can use yarn I have in small quantities that I never seem to find the right project for, and then be happy I got it off my chest/out of my stash. Time will tell…still trying to drag myself to the end of an applied i-cord edging around a child’s cardigan…for my own kid, for pete’s sake!

  • This is such a great way to knit together! I love the idea of knitting things that I want to knit and then sticking a gift tag on it. Yay!

  • I thought I was in Group 2, but suddenly, I’m thinking I need to knit Squad Mitts for my sister and niece…..

  • I have two gifts on my list–no, three. Does it matter that one of them was for the holidays last year? And another for a baby that was born Labor Day weekend?

  • I’ll take on the monumental responsibility of making sure the refrigerator is cleaned out at the end of day on Fridays—ANY FOOD LEFT IN FRIDGE WILL BE THROWN AWAY AT 5 PM FRIDAY.


  • Whoohoo!!

  • Oh, misery loves company – no, that’s not right! We’ll accomplish more as a Team. That’s what I meant to say. I, too, work a non-fiber day job, well, most of the time, and yikes, it’s November all ready? Well, probably I will fit right into group #3. Thanks for providing a support system!

  • Also cocoa, I know I will drink the coffee, but those little packets of cocoa seem to appear and linger for years.
    I am in the group that knits stuff and people say oooh is that for me? and half the time it isn’t but you know how that ends.
    I need to learn the words to that song “Pardon me…” Oh you know the rest!

  • I am firmly in group 2. However, this year the goal is to complete the Stopover sweater that I started last winter* for my daughter-in-law. She turns 30 on Dec 10 and has hinted that she would like to get the entire sweater before she turns 35. Bless her heart. The sleeves are finished. See you Nov 7.
    (*Last winter I was working in Tucson. Other than the 3 days when it was actually “cold” it was too hot and too dry to knit. Honestly, I thought the sweat from my hands would create an unfortunate blocking of the sweater.)

  • Hmmmmm…..I’m sorry I’m not in Nashville any longer because for sure, I’d be there!

  • I need it, I want it, I love it! I hope I can get my act together and join.

  • well, why not? Knitters gotta knit, may as well knit along. You had me at shag carpeting. XOX

  • OMG how can I possibly wait until Nov 7??? I need this SO MUCH – I don’t have specifically holiday deadlines, but I have 1 pair of Very Difficult Socks to knit (stranded gingham), 2 Fancy Scarves (one is mega intarsia blocks, one is double knitting), three baby blankets, and 3 Sweaters For My Family – all stuff I want to accomplish before Spring. I need y’all!

  • In for the Group 2 general rubbernecking and hilarity

  • I’m in Group 1, and this will be my first knit along!
    I have:
    The Great Slipper Campaign (ongoing…maybe never to be finished)
    1 pair of socks due for a Christmas party before Christmas
    1 pair of socks for Christmas (but may be 2 pairs if I feel I REALLY need to give my husband socks because he likes self striping yarn and really who doesn’t want to encourage that?)
    1 pair of mittens for Christmas (never done mittens)
    2 pairs of socks for January
    1 adult sweater for January (I have never done a sweater either. And she’s between sizes. In the words of a mighty LOL cat–HALP!! Please HALP!!)
    1 Dale of Norway toddler dress for January

    I’m not sure if it seems oh so doable, or just slightly mad laid out like this.
    I hope I’m in good company…forever optimistic, right? 🙂

  • Need to make Squad Mitts too. Might have to spin the wool first!

  • I’m n there somewhere…so I’m in. And I’m going to finish the sweater for me by Christmas. Talk me down people!

  • This sounds like fun but do you have to be on Instagram or the @ thing to follow along?

  • This sounds like a great plan! I don’t have a hard and fast list this year but kind of an idea to top all the heads and necks of my loved ones and their wee spawn. Only using stash yarn.

  • I am in all three groups, can hardly wait.

  • I am in all groups….have almost finished a pair of socks. Just need to finish the toes. I need to haul out my book and follow Kitchener stitch diagram once again…..I hate it. I have been procrastinating since June.

    • Kitchener is my favorite part. It indicates done-ness. I don’t mind looking it up and watching the dumb video again. It indicates done-ness. And I feel smug when I make someone look at it and tell me where I sewed it…Bring your sox – I’ll do them!

  • I think I’ll qualify for Group 1. I have a list. I am committed. I have 1 of many pairs done. A list that could go on if I don’t get a grip. I’m finding I like to knit in the day better, but so few days and so many nights. Be my tribe. I got your back.

  • Well, I started my gift knitting with squad mitts. One pair done. Just found out about a new family baby, so need to deal with something for her, then back to mitts for the holidays.

  • I’m in. It’ll be fun!

  • I’m in group 3 with a bit of 2. I’m nearing the end of a slouchy hat for my son’s new gf. I want to make a funky striped hat to yarn bomb a big moose who serves as the mascot for a friend’s coffee shop. I want to make a simple cowl out of a llama yarn for my daughter’s future mother in law, and a Moto vest for my hair stylist. Let’s see if we get it all done!

  • How much Euroflax does it take to knit a bathroom hand towel. My grandchildren go thru them pretty fast. Would love an answer please.

    • Kay, you should be able to get a hand towel out of one skein of Euroflax sport weight which runs 270 yards. Depending on how smallish or largish you like your towels, you will probably need 200-300 yards. Hope this helps. Jean

  • “there will be a few prizes along the way…” Did this happen?