Knitalong Prizes: The Bangies

By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne
March 6, 2019
Experience the sheer joy of knitting a Norah Gaughan cabled pullover in sumptuous hand-dyed yarns.

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  • OMG! I am so excited! Thank you for hosting such an amazing KAL and for creating such a wonderful community. Congrats to all of the winners! P.S. I am from NJ. NJ All Day, as my brother would say.

    • I feel you are a bi-State citizen and a New Yorker whether you want to be or not but I will make the correction!

      • Thanks, Kay! This is true, I am very bi-State.

    • So happy to see you in the winner list – very richly deserved, especially as you had to start over, and still made the deadline!!!

      • Thanks, Victoria! That starting over made me nervous!

    • Woohoo!!!!!! Congratulations!!!

      • Thank you for creating such beautiful yarn! I am going to use my KAL winnings to buy more of it. 🙂

    • Congratulations Christine! I I knew you could do it! You go girl!

      • Thanks, Diane! Thanks for cheering me on!

  • What amazing work by the winners! By contrast, I’m still working on a Carbeth 🙂

    • The hashtag still welcomes you! Pretty sure you are not alone.

    • Well, I’m still working (finally, and still working) on the Eddy Wrap! It may be practically vintage by MDK standards.
      Great fun to see all of the variations on the theme(s) here and in other posts.
      “Orchestra playing over our comments” — you two always win in the comedy and laughing-out-loud category!

  • Well deserved accolades for these knitters- their FO’s are gorgeous!

  • Amazing creations by all the winners. Such an inspiration

  • Congratulations to the winners! It was so much fun and such an education to participate:)!

    • Oops! Need to add a big Than you to MDK and Norah Gaughan!!

      • You’re welcome, Patricia. We had a blast.

  • What an inspiring group of winners! Congrats to all of you. How nice to be recognized for your talent. So interesting to see the variations and possibilities this event produced.

  • Love Lisa’s modification, and the colour she chose really shows the cabling well. I am filled with admiration for your five fast knitters and for all the knitters who managed to complete a complex sweater project, some cardigans, in just one month! Wow, what perseverance and what efficient work!

  • Thanks MDK and congratulations to the winners. They are all gorgeous and inspiring. I love the colors, blue and green are my favorite to knit with.
    MDK is the 1st email I open, so much fun and information.

  • Congrats to all of the winners! I’ve enjoyed watching their progress and seeing the final results. Every single one is so inspiring.

  • I am so impressed! I am not even done with a simple Cowl I started last month!

  • Such beautiful, inspiring sweaters. This is my first cable sweater and my first adult sweater. Until now I’ve only made baby sweaters. It takes me a long time to do each row but I’m determined! I’m making the calligraphy sweater. Looking at all the pictures of the beautiful sweaters helps to keep me motivated to keep going!

    • It will be great, Judy!

  • Wow! What beautiful work by such beautiful knitters. Y’all must have had a really difficult time choosing the winners
    Congrats to all!!

  • Congratulations to everyone! I’m so inspired by your work.

  • Well done all! Very inspirational!! The possibility of this only taking a month … makes me re-think my aversion to sweater knitting.

  • All so beautiful, and so beautifully made! I only watched this Bang Out from the sidelines, but I am loving the organic root-y look of the Swirl design. I think that would make such a lovely capelet, in a nice semi-solid brown. Maybe Madeline Tosh Whiskey Barrel?

  • I’m so inspired!!!! Congratulations to the winners … your sweaters are GORGEOUS!!!

  • Congratulations to all the winners! So much great knitting here 🙂 While every one of you intrepid Bangers were (or still are) banging out bigger things, I was knitting my first colorwork mitts, which is why my enthusiastic applause may be sounding a bit muffled!

    • Trying to insert laughing with tears in eyes emoji….

  • They all look amazing!