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  • Wow, you’re “NEW!” Who needs expensive lotions or procedures, when all it takes to be fresh and new is marketing? Oh, and it’s a great photograph, too.
    Not that you need the marketing, I hasten to add! You looked wonderfully, nay, enviously, young, slim, and hip in your recent photo at wildfiber.

  • Whoops, I have now realized that I myself am obviously too old to be looking at beautiful arty photos and taking in all the details. I see now, after some squinting, that you, Kay Gardiner, are not “What’s New,” but even better, “What’s Next,” at Knit New Haven! (Let me now hobble away, muttering to myself and looking for clorets gum in my pocketbook…)

  • Are you going to be in Maryland any time soon?

  • Oh, if I had an iphone, I would for sure have that Hipstamatic app….

  • I hope I didnt scare you away last year…..I’m going with my daughter again. Even finishing a sweater to wear! Love the photo, cool looking shop!

  • Whoo hoo! I will see you there! Can I bring you anything from Rhinebeck? Rug hooking supplies? Cold artichoke hearts? It’s too bad you’re missing the fun, but New Haven is great. There’s a lot of great places to eat and shop at, I’m sure Gale will show you a good time (Gale and I are from the same town, just ran into her at the train station the other day). The British Art museum is right up your alley, it’s a lovely place. There’s a neat 175+ year old private library above a jewelry store on lower Chapel that is an absolute hidden treasure (the husband and MIL work there, it’s like stepping back in time to 1940, I assume the last time any modernization happened).
    I hope you have a day or two to take in some scenery. See you there!

  • I heart hipstamatic, just downloaded a black and white “arty” part of it. New Haven, possibly, hmmmm, and I’ve never made it to Rhinebeck for the sheep and wool fest, so maybe one day. Very eggsighting.

  • What fun this promises to be! I wonder how much a plane ticket would cost to New Haven???? At any rate, I am coveting one of those knitting bags hanging on the wall – to put my current log cabin in, of course.

  • Yolanda, I’d avoid tickets directly to New Haven unless you enjoy propellers. But Knit New Haven is absolutely worth the trouble. I live just a short ways away, and for the good of my grad student budget I try to be in some kind of vehicle I’m not driving when I go by and Knit is open. My feet and vehicle are just…drawn in.
    I saw this post and kept blinking. New Haven? But *I* live in New Haven!?! And people think James Franco is the person to try to spot around here this fall. Silly peoples.
    I do recommend not leaving this town without having had a slice of some cake from Claire’s. My personal choice is the Lithuanian Coffee Cake, with extra buttercream. It’s been a good friend a lot of bad days in grad school.

  • I’m so envious! Make sure to build in time for pizza at Pepe’s and cannoli at Libby’s. Life is too short not to eat those treats when you’re in striking range.

  • And, don’t we all wish we were going to be there!

  • So envious! Another vote for Ann and Kay to meet up in MD one day soon. Meanwhile, those bags on the wall in the photo are gawjius – find out who makes them, will you? 😉

  • LYS or NYS? New Haven is cool, but maybe we’re a little bold in annexing it…
    Wish I could come. Hope you’ll post a hipstamatic photo of yourself in situ.

  • As much I’d like to go to New Haven, I think I’d like to know more about that sweater in the window even more!

  • window shopping is fun
    why buy travel books when we have our
    very own right here on mason dixon

    This New Haven gig sounds kind of swish. WISH I COULD BE THERE!

  • I really have to learn to read more carefully. I thought that said they were going to have a gathering to “talk ABOUT Kay Gardiner.” I was thinking…….”how RUDE.”
    I wish I could be there, to talk with (or about) you. Either way, it’s going to be fun.

  • That is my town! I will be there, as I can not go to Rhinebeck this year.

  • Popping in to say that is the Cable Lovers Sweater from Cascade http://www.cascadeyarns.com/patterns_ecoWool.asp knit in Pastaza.
    Everyone, no worries, I will make Kay eat pizza at Pepe’s, cannolis at Libby’s, lobster at the shack on the Branford River, coffee cake at Claires…guac at Geronimos, more pizza at Bar, and then at KitchenZinc, ice cream at Ashleys…..
    I’m loving the food suggestions. We sure know how to eat around here!

  • Truly thrilled that you will be in New Haven! Truly sad that I will not be arriving until the 22nd for Parent’s Weekend at Yale. Here’s the deal: my eight-year-old who knew how to knit had no trouble with her SATs, wrote college entrance essays about knitting and is now in her first semester at Yale. Will send her as my proxy (and your ‘Exhibit A’) on the 19th. Keep up the good work!