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  • Kay, Heed your own advice. Be careful to not wrench your back while clearing a walkway for HRH Olive so she can — er, “use the doggie facilities”. (Before you kvetch, I grew up with pugs in Chicago,. Yes, I do know smaller pups, blizzards, and the combination of the two!)

  • There are just some rules which need to be broken! πŸ™‚

  • Being out in the world with visible knitting is a lot like being out in the world with a dog. Biggest difference for me is that dog lovers want to pat my dog, but will usually ask first. Knitters’ hands just seem to automatically reach out to touch the knitting πŸ™‚

    • I think the difference is that knitting doesn’t bite. πŸ™‚

  • I dunno. My knitting bites me from time to time…;)

  • And, of course, that Knit and Let Knit bag is a very fine Nashville product from Karen Templer’s brilliant shop at Fringe Association.


    • I just took a look. Love, love, love the bento bags! and the Bookhou bags. and the flour sack towels. And the natural bone needles….

  • Windy with waves rocking and rolling here, but no snow yet. I hear NYC is in for 2 feet. Stay warm!

  • I’d be a terrible New Yorker; I talk to everyone when I use public conveyance. Just ask the guy who sat next to me on the plane to Chicago last summer.
    Once in Moscow I lost my balance when the subway train jerked, or something, and I fell on a guy reading a book. As I’m an American, I apologized profusely. The guy just kept reading….never looked up from the book.

    • That IS being a New Yawka! At least when I was growing up there, it was! My kids to this day (and they are in their 30s) say that I embarrassed the cr*p out of them whenever I was on line at the supermarket, talking to anyone and everyone!:)

  • Enjoyed the memory of knitting on the 1. We lived in Riverdale and spent many hours riding the 1 into Manhattan. Knitting was essential!!!!

  • I can take either the 1 or A downtown from Inwood, but I find the A easier to knit on and I have a prettier walk to the stop.

  • Good inspiration, Kay! I will get the sock project started so many months ago and never seem to have time for, find a pretty little bag to keep it in, and resume my work on it, but publicly. It’s plain socks on 2 circulars, so there will be a lot of straight forward knitting (cuff and foot) where I won’t need to be very attentive and fear making mistakes.

    BTW, congrats to the two Karens who won the contest. Karen T, if you are the Karen I know, I miss you at knitting on Saturdays.


  • Bwa haha! We are EVERYWHERE!! Knitting goodness forever!

  • All that snow is a great reason to stay inside and knit. Be Safe Everyone.