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  • Kay, Heed your own advice. Be careful to not wrench your back while clearing a walkway for HRH Olive so she can — er, “use the doggie facilities”. (Before you kvetch, I grew up with pugs in Chicago,. Yes, I do know smaller pups, blizzards, and the combination of the two!)

  • There are just some rules which need to be broken! 🙂

  • Being out in the world with visible knitting is a lot like being out in the world with a dog. Biggest difference for me is that dog lovers want to pat my dog, but will usually ask first. Knitters’ hands just seem to automatically reach out to touch the knitting 🙂

    • I think the difference is that knitting doesn’t bite. 🙂

  • I dunno. My knitting bites me from time to time…;)

  • And, of course, that Knit and Let Knit bag is a very fine Nashville product from Karen Templer’s brilliant shop at Fringe Association.


    • I just took a look. Love, love, love the bento bags! and the Bookhou bags. and the flour sack towels. And the natural bone needles….

  • Windy with waves rocking and rolling here, but no snow yet. I hear NYC is in for 2 feet. Stay warm!

  • I’d be a terrible New Yorker; I talk to everyone when I use public conveyance. Just ask the guy who sat next to me on the plane to Chicago last summer.
    Once in Moscow I lost my balance when the subway train jerked, or something, and I fell on a guy reading a book. As I’m an American, I apologized profusely. The guy just kept reading….never looked up from the book.

    • That IS being a New Yawka! At least when I was growing up there, it was! My kids to this day (and they are in their 30s) say that I embarrassed the cr*p out of them whenever I was on line at the supermarket, talking to anyone and everyone!:)

  • Enjoyed the memory of knitting on the 1. We lived in Riverdale and spent many hours riding the 1 into Manhattan. Knitting was essential!!!!

  • I can take either the 1 or A downtown from Inwood, but I find the A easier to knit on and I have a prettier walk to the stop.

  • Good inspiration, Kay! I will get the sock project started so many months ago and never seem to have time for, find a pretty little bag to keep it in, and resume my work on it, but publicly. It’s plain socks on 2 circulars, so there will be a lot of straight forward knitting (cuff and foot) where I won’t need to be very attentive and fear making mistakes.

    BTW, congrats to the two Karens who won the contest. Karen T, if you are the Karen I know, I miss you at knitting on Saturdays.


  • Bwa haha! We are EVERYWHERE!! Knitting goodness forever!

  • All that snow is a great reason to stay inside and knit. Be Safe Everyone.