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  • I’d love to see (or write ) a piece on Rhinebeck NY. Not the sheep and wool festival really but the place. In fact the Hudson valley would be better. I know of so many great Lys all within a relatively short drive. Thanks! Love your articles. Katherine

    • Yes to Rhinebeck! Would love recs for inns in particular…

  • So which place was it that made you regretful?

    • New Orleans and Reykjavik! I had a wonderful time in both places but just wish I’d had guidance from Gale and Cirilia. A very mild form of regret, and I hope I get back to both places to make amends.

  • What a great collection of articles. Although we’ve been to three of them, I’d like to go back to see what we missed and then move on to the others. High on our return list is Reykjavik and now we have to plan a Massachusetts driving trip. Thanks, I think!

  • You should do one for Santa Fe! I was there recently for work but was able to spend a couple of hours wandering around. I stumbled on a yarn store in a space that was shared by a lot of little art studios amd small galleries. Gorgeous, beautifully hand-dyed yarn, and I ended up spending an absolutely delightful 45 minutes talking art, creativity, and learning with the shop owner as she wound my new yarn. At the very end I discovered she is the maker behind the Crave Caravan yard sold here at MDK! So we geeked out about the awesomeness of the Field Guides 🙂 Next time I’m in Santa Fe I plan to allow more time to visit all the other yarn stores but Amores Yarn was a very special experience.

  • Wow this is a great resource! I orient a lot of my local and international travel around knitting, so I will definitely keep this in mind, and potentially for contributing as well!

  • Gale’s piece on Midcoast Maine was so helpful when I was there last year–it made a good trip great with all of the tips and information. And yes to one on Rhinebeck! I recently was passing through and was thrilled to see that Aba’s falafel that we all know and love from Sheep and Wool now has a storefront in town!

  • Her articles are wondrrful… armchair travel AND knitting stops?? It doesn’t get any better.

  • Wonderful escape time!!