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  • Ok, I just added this book to my list. Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  • Kay and Ann,
    Happy Friday! Every morning before I leave my house for work, I make some time to catch myself up with online news and banking, and I rarely leave without stopping by MDK. It is such a joy to discover a new post each day containing interesting ideas, books, patterns, and fun, plus the community of knitters in the comments. Thanks for your commitment to us! –Tammy

    • What Tammy said!

      • THANK YOU GUYZ! Every now and then one worries that one is typing into the void, so the sweet words are much appreciated.

        • What Tammy and Michelle said!!

  • Thanks for sharing this. It’s such a great idea to show the patterns for different directions. We’ve all had that problem and wished we had such directions.

  • So beautiful, why yes, I do need another stitch dictionary. How did you all know?

  • One less thing to worry about.

    Do you see Hamilton lyrics everywhere, too?

    • No, I don’t. (Just you wait.) 🙂

  • I was taught to knit by my mother as a child, and my technique was improved with the help of my high school choir director. However, I became a “real” knitter in the 70’s (my young adult years) when I was able to buy a Mon Tricot stitch dictionary with 1030 (!!) knitting and crochet stitches. A French knitting publication, long out of print but available, in English, in the United states for awhile in the 70’s, this was my key to learning how to do everything…or at least what I thought was everything at the time. I still use it. The pictures are in black and white (strangely easy to follow, however), and with no charts, but everything is covered, from lace to mosaic knitting to fair isle. It still sits in a place of honor, beside all those other books you mentioned; can’t think of parting with it.

    • I have my mom’s copy of the Mon Tricot stitch dictionary…the 70’s strangely coloured cover? And 3 o f the 4 BW ones – I need the green one.

      Great cover on the Wendy Bernard book! Nice to see a SD with a bit of style/graphic appeal.

      Kay…re: Museum of Natural History – that is such a cool job! The giant Coast Salish Canoe is one of my favorite things – anywhere. It had to be shipped to NYC by sea. And the dim Coast Salish gallery with
      all the display cases seems like no one has been down there since the 1890’s. Spooky, but beautiful.

      Greetings from Alberta

  • Thank you! Love me a 2 color slip stitch pattern…btw I love the Linoleum dishcloth pattern even more than the Ballband dishcloth (there I said it lol)

    • Oh no you didn’t! lol

      All dishcloths are worthy but the Ballband is the worthiest.

  • A total must-have. In fact, I just bought it with my fabulous (and dangerous) Prime one-click shopping. But really, how many times have I tried to wrap my head around adapting an interesting stitch or colorwork from flat to round, or vice versa? It isn’t always easy, so thank you for sharing this, Kay. Have a lovely weekend. First day of our local Farmers Mkt. here, so we are off to a good one.

    P.S. You were in a dream I had last night. It involved EF and Manhattan. It probably has to do with my wanting to get out of Dodge….

  • You summed up my love and collection of stitch dictionaries so very very well! Hmm … I think I have a bookstore coupon …especially if it does show you how to translate to knitting in the round, etc. – as I have had many a night taxing my brain with such a problem.

    p.s. — one of my Rav flatmates, who lives near Maryland Sheep and Wool says that it beyond muddy … so forewarned is prepared, or however the saying goes. Have FUN!

  • I love stitch dictionaries, it’s like watching TV about food, you just drool over the possibilties. I still have a 50 year old stitch dictionary that was my first introduction to the joy of stitch dictionaries. Before charts, no knitting in the round.

  • I didn’t get the e-mail this morning! Eek. So I am signing up again, just in case. I need to see you in there in my inbox in the morning along with the spam and so forth.

  • What’s on my shelves? The Vogue Knitting Ultimate knitting book and VK sock book, which have color photos and charts in the stitch pattern chapters. (I believe that VK’s individual “stitchionaries” do too, but don’t own those). I also have a cool Vogue Dictionary of Knitting Stitches (note, that’s Vogue, not VK) by Anne Matthews, published in 1984 in the UK, great color pictures but no charts, alas. I still love to browse through it, even so. And of course, Barbara Walker’s Treasuries volumes 1 and 2, still endlessly inspiring despite b&w photography and lack of charts. But I’m always ready to explore more stitches, so thanks for the heads-up on this book – I’ll borrow it from my local library first, of course, and if they haven’t yet bought it will suggest they do so.

    And what about crochet stitch books? I’m getting back into crochet, too, and greatly admire Sasha Kagan’s Crochet Inspirations (not to mention Donna Kooler’s Encyclopedia of Crochet, which as title suggests is also a complete tutorial). May have to own these, instead of borrowing them over and over again from the library . . .

  • Fun! Love a mosaic dish cloth pattern! I know what I’m knitting for next year’s Christmas presents!

  • Love this review! This looks like a must-have, what with the great photos and instructions to knit in so many different ways. Thanks for being a stop on this blog tour. Wendy B. is so dang smart.

  • Who doesn’t always need a new stitch dictionary? Of course, I do! And I already bought it! Plus, I love Wendy’s for the up/down/all-around part. I mean, usually you can figure it out on your own, but it’s so much better if someone else does it for you, right?

    • Just because you can doesn’t mean you want to!

  • My knitting group is making this year’s raffle afghan from two color squares found in Barbara Walker’s learn to knit book. Some of the squares I chose turned out to utilize the slip stitch and, yes. reminded me of the dear Ball Band Washcloth . I really enjoyed knitting the Blister Stitch square.

  • I bought this one almost as soon as it came out. I don’t design either, but I’m with you on stitch dictionary love.

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  • I am seeing a full size blanket made with these squares!! Hmmmmmmm

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  • Stitch dictionaries are some of my favorite reading material.

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  • Hmm, must get that book! I also stopped getting my daily jolt so will sign up again.

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