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  • Knitting-in-Your-Pajamas Friday? Finally a holiday I can get behind. And since I’ve not summoned up the effort to dress just yet, I think I’m good to go! The helpful info that comes out of MDK is endless.

  • Though I am in Canada, and therefore NOT in my pajamas at work, I want to thank you for the smiles, and for sharing this great endeavor for a great cause.

  • I am adopting this holiday as my own. Celebrating with a vat of tea and a new knitting project that is under my skin (one stitch off, and I can NOT figure it out!). Thanks, y’all!

    • Robin, I hope by now you have M1 and just gotten on with the knitting. I think I will be celebrating our new holiday a day later since I had a lunch date today and I think Pasquale’s frowns on patrons in PJs, but I will celebrate, and maybe add a make-up day on Sunday just to atone.

      • Barbara, that lunch date wouldn’t have been at Pasquale’s Manale, would it? Are you a NOLA knitter?

        • Nope, Pasquali’s International Cafe in DePere, WI. I wish I was in NOLA since it’s 27 freaking degrees here today. I am definitely celebrating Knit-in-your-Pajamas day today. Not going out there, no sirree bob.

  • Yup, count me in on the ‘in my pajamas’ Black Friday crowd! So much knitting to do for the next holidays and so little time to do it. My desire of what to knit and give as gifts, always seems to mushroom into ‘way too much’ right about now. But it’s all good!

  • Okay, I think I need that entire first paragraph cross-stitched onto a pillow, because, YES. (Or probably just printed out and taped on the wall.) But then it got even better! Juniper Moon, Susan B. Anderson (queen of itty-bitty-everything), Heifer International? Lady, you are singing my song. Happy Knitting-in-Your-Pajamas Friday!

  • Feeling slightly ahead of a trend – just ordered my ‘flock’ before reading this! I’m not a Black Friday shopper, in pajamas or out, but found everything about this campaign irresistible. Can not wait to start sewing these cuties into their sweaters!

  • I’m with you on the black Friday thing. I’m spending my day after Thanksgiving at home, knitting, spinning, and eating leftovers.

  • Dear Kay,
    You are a doll for helping us spread the word about this project. Today, I am wishing you yarn that’s already been balled and an afternoon of uninterrupted Netflix.

  • Just left you for a while to get the sheep – and goats – and darling patterns. Thanks again for another helpful blog post. What’s not to love: pj’s instead of bundling up to shop with a crowd, great cutouts to benefit my absolute favorite international charity, and darling sweater patterns to make up for the animals to wear for the holidays.

  • Though I had to briefly don something over the nightgown in order to feed sheep, I’m back inside and enjoying my Black Friday in my favorite place to be – home! The only shopping I’ve done is ordering my flock of cut-out sheep from JMF and a project bag from Fringe. (you know – in case I want to carry them around with me)

    • Good thinking, Dianne!

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  • I keep missing posts. Please sign me up to be notified. Thanks. Love you gals.

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