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  • Love the literati! Joyce, Eliot, Hardy… Yesterday, I discovered such things as knitting Madonnas! I had no idea the Blessed Mother was a knitter! Just google ‘knitting Madonnas’ and look at all the beauty. It can be inferred from the art that Mary was a ‘top-down’ knitter who knit in the round as she is credited for knitting Jesus seamless garment. Passing that along to those, like me, who did not know about this very fascinating subject! Enjoy London!

  • It’s the perfect marriage – knitting and literature. (I suppose G&T is knitting’s mistress, then?)

  • Thanks for the poetry link! I love “How to Knit a Poem”!

  • That stack of books looks a lot like the one I have had since my undergraduate days–still can’t bear to part with them!

  • I love that picture. Seriously great. Can I get a print? If you send me the original I can order it via Flickr – or something.

  • “Belinda-led-straggles”…this means The Belinda shawl knows what you need and takes you there. I knew that there would be a miracle at the end of this knit. “I BELEIVE in Belinda”….still picking up stitches.

  • A member of our locoal Knitters’ Guild knit an afghan which was a bookcase of all the books she had read as a girl. As I remember, she did them sort of like Log Cabin blocks but they were different sizes reflecting the sizes of the books and each had the title on the spine of the book. She has since passed away but I hope her family is treasuring that afghan. More than one Guild member coveted it.

  • Books and knitting: two of my favorites! Also, many thanks for the link to the Poetry Society website.

  • at pool’s edge I pause
    not fins but spines below me
    dive in anyway
    (I ate a cochineal bug for inspiration before writing that.)

  • How about Edna St. Vincent Milay’s Ballad of a Harp Weaver. It will bring tears to your eyes. ; )

  • Yes, I read the “hen-lit” piece today also, but have to say that I was a bit miffed that the cutoff for chick-lit is 40, seems a bit low in the NYC area to me!!!!

  • where was that, then? Camden? Can only think it was Camden. Can’t remember those books… was looking too hard for tea towels! Ginny has her books ordered by colour on her shelves, I should have taken you to her house, whereas I go for vague genre classification (‘trash’ – above eyeline, ‘worthy’, eyeline or below)x x x

  • Is the prequel to chick lit “egg lit”?

  • An odd coincidence: I just saw Twelfth Night in Lenox, and noticed this reference for the first time. Orsino is requesting a particular song:
    O, fellow, come, the song we had last night.
    Mark it, Cesario, it is old and plain;
    The spinsters and the knitters in the sun
    And the free maids that weave their thread with bones
    Do use to chant it

  • Geek that I am, I saw the picture and sighed rapturously. Pelican and Penguin books! I adore them. I have so many on my own shelves.

  • Too sunny for the South Bank. If it was Camden, then did you get to the little shop in Harmood St? Very recommended for books!

  • I like how the blues were supposed to be all the same, but clearly they are from different dye lots. Hard, or at least a good challenge, to reproduce that properly in one’s knitting.
    And a Hulllooo to Ann — what the heck is she doing, just sitting on the porch drinking and knitting?

  • I just love that picture: for the blues, and because it reminds me of London and its markets. And because some of those editions are on my very own shelves.

  • *shudder*
    Cochineal is just one of those things I avoid as a card carrying vegetarian, though I’ll admit to pointing drinks with cochineal out to other people as bug juice.

  • the knitters
    weave yarn
    with stories
    within every inch
    the garments
    they make
    wrap the
    loved ones
    in stories
    yet to be told

  • Thank you for the wonderful posts. So many of us appreciate them so much! I was in NYC last week and thought of you. Is there mucilage in the Assemblage?? We worry…