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  • I seriously am in lust for the sweater with the stripey sleeves & side inset!!!

  • Once again, EXVASTATED not to be at Rhinebeck for this. WHAT WERE WE THINKING? This is such a great project–I hope Gale will keep track of the MHOP (most handknits on person) count, because if the weather’s cool enough, it could get extreme.

  • Ooh, yes. I love that stripey-sleeved sweater. It’s a pretty simple shape, too…

  • I really wish I could go to Rhinebeck. When are they going to develop teleporter pads, so I can just get there despite being car free!

  • Wished I lived in NY instead of NE, and I’d get me off to Rhinebeck

  • Love this! The models, the knits, the photography! Also very much love the knit skirts.
    I say go, go, go, to any fiberfest you can. They are magically, crazily, wonderful, big or small. Speaking of which: Gale, I’m glad that you featured Oregon’s Black Sheep festival in Shear Spirit…but you should also visit the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival sometime, if you haven’t already. Not only does it have beautiful fibers, it’s in a beautiful setting.

  • I played this film with the sound off and ran the Punch brothers video at the same time. the music goes great! fabulous designs everyone x

  • does the sound track automatically come on when any one else signs on? crazy–have to pause the video to stop the music every time i sign on.

  • KAAAAAYYYY! Now everyone knows I check MDK at school! What are you DOING to me? The school ibrarians will never let me live this down…..