Laminate Your Chart

By Ann Shayne
September 25, 2016

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  • I use the clear really sticky packing tape and just tape mine all over

  • When my mother could no longer knit, I inherited the task of knitting Christmas stockings for new members of my extended family. (She knit 25, I am on my 10th now.) Early on, I enlarged the graph for the intarsia portion of the stocking so that it would be easier to read and laminated it. I used a china marker to mark my place and simply wiped it off when done. I’ve now moved on to highlighter tape.
    So glad I did this. The pattern is still in excellent condition after many years of use.

  • Great idea ! I always put my pattern copy in a plastic cover and a piece of something firm behind it but to laminate never crossed my mind DUH
    Learn something new every day ❤️