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  • So pretty (and looks warm, too).

  • Quick garter stitch fabulosity! (That’s not a word in WWF, I’m sure.) Thanks for the schmatta. So cute! But I’m going to need a longer neck.

  • This looks great! And what a lovely color of Rasta, too.

  • Must knit! I just tried to Rav it and couldn’t and was annoyed and then realized how premature I’m being. Ravelry has spoiled me rotten and now I instantly want a minimum of 40 versions of any given pattern for comparison purposes. Oh well. Guess I better make my own Schmattas and get ’em on there. I’m thinking that this will be perfect for Kids’ Teachers’ Presents.

  • Smart way to handle the buttonhole placement question! And options, too!
    I made an experimental pidge/smidge-thing, using “so-called” stitch and my very favorite luxe wool/silk worsted from Brooks Farm. The result is dense, colorful, and very pretty, but I am still pondering the how and where of buttons. It’s been a year now…maybe I’ll rip it out and knit a schmatta!

  • Thank you, especially for the buttonhole solution. I hate making buttonholes. And I just ordered some bulky yarn from Quince&Co., so I’m casting on as soon as it arrives! Keep warm up there.

  • Ohhhhhhh . . . I feel . . . a . . . spontanenous combustion of Schmatta knitting coming on . . . AWESOME!

  • This is just perfect! The Dove Promise (candy) of knitting – small yet satisfying. Thanks for the gift.

  • I recently won a skein of Brown Sheep Handpainted Burly Spun and I have, until now, been drawing a blank as to what to do with it! Bring on the Schamtta!

  • This is perfect. I’ve not got a lot of time for Christmas knitting this year. (I got sidetracked spinning rather than knitting, and when I looked up it was the end of November.) I see a bunch of these in my future. Thanks for the pattern!

  • Love this pattern… thank you! Can’t wait to try it with some super-bulky handspun.

  • Love it! Who could resist knitting a Schmatta?!

  • Thank you! My sister-in-law will love it, and I will feel brilliant. Huzzah!

  • Schmanks!

  • I can also see it buttoned so that the ends overlap at a right angle with each short edge matched to the other long edge, if that makes sense.

  • Ultra chic! I’m glad you included the modeled pics; up until then I thought it was smallish!

  • Again you have come up with stylish, fun last-minute holiday knitting for me! Thank you!

  • Perfect — thank you!

  • Thanks for giving me a new cowl to obsess over. That said, it means I have to buy buttons, does that still allow me to count it as a stash buster?????

  • oh thank you!
    I am stealing sadie’s big needles and chunky yarn for this. I need to get her to bind off tonight!

  • love your Eileen Fisher comment…that red cowl/wrap/shawl thing this season is fabulous and yes, I spent much time mentally figuring out how to knit it!

  • Dear Kay,
    schmatta in libyan dialect means Schadenfreude and fiasco. what a world. clever pattern too 🙂

  • This is a really cute idea. Love it! I was shocked to see you with WOOL!! Did you get the itchies or rash or whatever wool does to you? Hope not…

  • Great concept! May I assume that the yarn is a “chunky” weight?

  • Kay, fab cowl, but…could that be the now fuzzy Albers Gone Wild beneath it in the picture?

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  • I’ve finished one, started a second and ordered some yarn for more! Addictive much?

  • Thank you for this pattern. I just finished one using Lion Brand Homespun. It is a nice soft cowl. I may make another one using 2 strands of Homespun to see how it drapes. If I like them both I think I’ll be making a few more for Christmas presents.

  • Thanks for the pattern. I believe it’s just what I’m looking for…to accomplish something while I avoid composing a Christmas letter…now I need to let my super-knitter sister know about this!

  • Love, love, love the schmatta! Thanks soooooo much for the perfect last minute knitting gift. I’ve finished 2 already and planning to finish anothe one tonight. Digging through the button stash right now. Am I glad I picked up the giant knitting needles at Tuesday Morning last week (just in case). Thanks again.

  • And there, finally, is my reason to buy a skein of Rasta. Nothing did it for me until I saw full-on cowl mode.

  • I love that this could be buttoned as a moebius, too. Exciting!

  • Coming soon “Yiddish Knitting: from Shmate to Babushka & beyond.” This is spelling from “Complete Idiot’s Guide…” along with example of meaning: dress worn by ex-husband’s wife.

  • “Shmatta” can also refer to a personality- or be a slightly insulting comment about a person. It is kind of a person that never sticks up for themselves, or anything for that matter. It’s like the type of personality that people wipe the floors with- like a shmatta.

  • Very nice, and even better that it is so quick. Of course, I’m the woman who dislikes knitting with anything over a size 5 needle so I’ll have to make these with sock yarn or something similar!

  • Very, very impressive. I especially love that snowflake. It so beautiful. It reminds me from those which my wife made from Beads two and three dimensional.