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    Kay, just go ahead and spring for the real-time streaming video plug-in. Plain old blog entries are just not cutting it anymore. Remember at our five-year strategic planning conference, how we talked about that? Right before the Kum-ba-ya, just after the Prouds/Sorries flip chart?
    Let’s just go to 24/7 coverage of all this. I personally am going to stay up late just to see whether the soccer ball turns blue or not.

  • Well, if the football/soccer ball does turn blue, at least it’ll be a pale blue.
    DH put a dark blue towel in with the nappy wash yesterday so Kai has nappies in a “delightful” grungy pale blue shade (funny how dye-run items always go a dirty-ish shade of pale blue or pale pink, never a soft pastel shade). I’m expecting one of those doorstep-challenge advert teams to be ringing the doorbell anytime now! “Are your whites whiter than white?” etc. etc.
    But, I should be thankful that DH does change some of the nappies & does put them in the wash, even if he doesn’t check what else is in the machine first.

  • And where’s the law that a soccer ball has to be white? We have a white one, a day-glo orange one, and (curiously) a camouflage one. A pale blue one would fit in just fine . . .

  • I’m hoping that the ball doesn’t turn blue, but those paper towels are a foreboding sign. Maybe with a few subsequent washings, it would turn white again? (Assuming, of course, that it does turn blue. Although it probably wouldn’t be a bad thing if it did. Ditto what Ann says!)

  • Bleach pen. Wouldn’t be the first time it saved something that had a curious adventure in my wash.
    This actually IS more exciting than the Super Bowl. How are you going to top yourself?

  • Forget about the soccer ball, how’s the GROUT??

  • Whoops !
    The white will probably have a blue tinge,but it’ll wash whiter over time.It’s going to be fab regardless !

  • woooopsie….. maybe you need another washing machine?….catch basin?…..new flooring?…..or fewer suds????… heart palpitations……i’m prayin’ for you, babe……

  • So when do we get to see the magic?! You’re killing me here!!!