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  • That is real love – pure devotion. The sparkles and the stretch silk and the size 19 needles. You are a good and faithful daughter, Kay.

  • oh, wish i was in my old neighborhood on LI. i’d be trekking out to both gigs. don’t think i can persuade the non-fiber-addicted sis to go for me . . .
    rock on
    denise in C’ville, VA

  • Am I not a fan? I considered driving to the ferry in New London, taking it to the North Fork, riding my bike to the ferry to the South Fork and knitting on the porch with you. But I’d probably be all sweaty (I mean glistening) by then. Besides, its my anniversary, that’s just too much long suffering inner Yarn Boy for Dave to embrace as a celebration. I’m with youse in spirit!

  • OOOO, look at all the yarn in that shop!! It looks wonderful – have a GREAT time!

  • The captions between yarn lady and MMM are priceless! And the description of Jack! Thanks for a great laff this morning.

  • LOL this is why I do not go yarn shopping with my mom. She starts making a list. It’s much harder for her to relate something she wants when I haven’t seen it. I’m in trouble when she discovers how to use the camera on her cell phone.

  • love joseph in the “lounge lizard” position…..perhaps he needs a pipe and a “dadigan/cardigan?”

  • I am so excited! I posted a question on Knitters Review to find a yarn store in Southampton as I will be visiting there next week and a fellow KR’er, Jane, filled me in on your event at the Historical Museum. I can’t believe my luck. I’ll be there, book, lunch and knitting in hand.
    Deborah in Maryland

  • Just tell Mom “I’ll think about it…” sometimes that works for me. You better knit it for her though, because she’s still kinda mad at me for not cat-baby sittin’ the whole darn weekend last weekend.

  • Resident Nintendog owner Emma wants to know what kind of dog Kate is – Emma trains a Daschund named Nosey. Wish we were going to be out there for that knitting on the porch bit! Sounds wonderful.

  • I also want to know what kind of dog. We maintain one beagle, two of the alaskan dogs and one new one that I am not sure what it is on my son’s game. That game is addictive!

  • Moments in blog history! “Meanwhile, I must face the harsh realities of knitting sparkly yarn for my mom.” LOVE IT. you are too funny.

  • That looks like a great yarn store!
    Sorry about your newest project. Maybe try holding hanging it up and putting little white lights behind it. The entertainment factor could make it more palatable.

  • Groan. I just crocheted a sparkly shawl for MY mom. You have my sympathy.

  • Yay for Ann and Kay on Lawn Guyland! We can’t wait to see you on the porch. I know you do come into the bookstore, so how come we’ve never met, huh? 🙂
    And Deborah (comment above) gets to be our special long-distance serendipity guest, don’t you think?
    Jane of BookHampton

  • What a neat little store. I love the apple basket displays and the wallcovering by the register is wonderful. It matches the shawl!
    What a great way to mix a wonderful little trip with business.
    By the way, your mother has wonderful taste… love the color, too.

  • That shop looks adorable!
    Are there plans to come into New England at some point? Or have you already been?

  • Aw, what a good daughter. Who knows, you may need to find some glistening linen!
    Loved the picture of your patient boy. I have ended up with two Nintendogs (Cocoa and Pepper) and my older son has three (Ricky, Snowflake and Tom). This makes my husband happy because any time we lobby for a real dog he can ask “and when was the last time you fed or walked your virtual dogs?” This makes me happy because although older son has gamely tried knitting on several occasions and (even though he is pretty good at it) decided it is not his thing, Nintendogs offers a pretty decent way to bond with your boy in a fine motor skill kind of way.

  • Hey Denise in C’ville — please join my campaign to pester (whoops, that’s supposed to be “ask politely”) Ann and Kay to come visit here….

  • if only i was visiting my auntie on the island this summer!! i do now exactly where ya’ll be!

  • Well, at least the MMM has lovely color sense – that blue is made for her (judging by the photo). And after all, with 19s how long can the comittment really last?? You’re a good daughter…now get knitting. 😉

  • Does the “You mean you just tell her to knit it and she knits it?” comment just work for your mom? Or does it work for blog readers, too? Just wonderin’…..

  • Darn – If your event was a week later I would have been there. I could have had Briermere pie and knitting what a combo!
    Kay – have you been able to get TJ Iced Tea this year?

  • Ah! Too funny! And does any REAL knitter have a husband who ISN’T long-suffering?

  • I was at a different LYS in the Hamptons just last Saturday, Knitting Love in East Hampton, on Gingerbread Lane.I was on a quest of course, to buy yarn while away for the weekend. I had just finished one of the Pris Up Your Powder Room towels as a hostess gift for our East Hampton hostess.(Made it in Soapstone Euroflax on a size 6 needle and it was sort of lacy but still sturdy, put a bar of lavender soap with it , wrapped it up in a ribbon… charming!)
    Anyway I was in this Hampton yarn shop looking for more linen. All I could find was something called Willow by Tahki yarns.Please bear with me, this story really does have a point…The shop owner asked what I was making and I told her it was a towel from your book. The owner said she didn’t buy your book because she DIDN’T LIKE THE COVER.(!) I told her it was a great, funny and fun book and she should have a look inside. So maybe while you two are out on the East End you ought to swing by Knitting Love on Gingerbread Lane and convert her to the MDK way of thinking. Just a thought…

  • Wow, don’t know if I can convince even the perfectly managed husband to drive to LI on a summer weekend so I can finally see the two of you in person so he isn’t the only one. However, if you do go to Charlottesville, I can probably cause a visit to the sibs…………we need the details on the rest of the tour. PS, I love the bikini line, it has been quite a while for me too.

  • Makes me wish I was in NY! Oh and, uh….don’t make me go to that Jimmy Beans site again, you hear? It’s always 30 minutes and a smoking credit card before I leave there.

  • Re Meredith’s comment, KnitLove…it’s a yarn store, that’s it. It could be more but it isn’t. There’s a new store in Montauk that opened this summer, Purl By the Sea, next time you’re out that way, give them a try.
    Jane told me about the Southampton visit, but I could do both…take the ferry over Shelter Island, is that nuts? But I’ve never been to North Fork Stitches and it looks wonderful! See you next week!

  • Did anyone see? …………….Yarn boy and Yarn man ?……….. THE SAME SHIRTS!
    One day both to be recycled………
    just sayin’

  • Did anyone see? …………….Yarn boy and Yarn man ?……….. THE SAME SHIRTS!
    One day both to be recycled………
    just sayin’

  • Oh and I’m just starting a new bluey,lacy, biggy shawl wrap thingy.
    I guess I better give it to my mom,to keep up with the good knitting carma thingy dennyx0x0

  • Oh and I’m just starting a new bluey,lacy, biggy shawl wrap thingy.
    I guess I better give it to my mom,to keep up with the good knitting carma thingy dennyx0x0

  • how is it possible that I have three long-suffering boys and husband and two gameboys yet I have no idea what a nintendog is? Don’t get me wrong…the ONLY reason I am intrigued is I see how subdued and silent said boy is in a dreaded no no mom don’t take me there yarn store. Hmmmm….ust get nintendog and make boys think I am doing something terrific for them…

  • That bottom picture should be the lead illustration in a “Teach your kids to knit, it will pay off later booklet.”

  • do you know how to reach either destination from manhattan? i want so badly to go! for the first time in months, i wish i stil lived in glen cove instead of manhattan!

  • Oh, I’m so excited. We summer in East Hampton all summer so me, my mom, and my mitered squares will all [hopefully] be there!

  • I would like to know if you still have the Spin Off Winter 05 issue.
    I have some wool I need to spin, knit & felt.
    Thank you.

  • I am so depressed that I am going to miss your visit to the South Fork. I’m part of the summer knitting group at the Historical Society, but will be away this week!!! How unfair is that???
    I’m thinking of starting a Log Cabin blanket in the fall…. and the washrags continue to appear…

  • Gah! I was just visiting my MIL who lives not 10 minutes from North Fork Stitches the week before you visited. I’m bummed I missed you!

  • gals, I just read your book during the slow hours of my time in the lovliest little bookstore in ORegon, and I have to say it is a gutbuster. Not only the great ideas (need I mention that I am an obsessive knitter–also an anglophile Rowan freak) but just the fun cheeky voice you both have. Great great book. I’m going to recommend it.
    I never visited a blog before –being somewhat technoavoiding–but it’s fun.
    to knitting!
    ps. i especially like rule 368–don’t take any crap about being a knitter