A Conversation with Dana Williams-Johnson

By Kay Gardiner
July 28, 2019

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  • Great interview with Dana and Jellybean. Dana is an inspiration to continue knitting and now knitting complete sweaters for humans and dogs!

  • I watched this yesterday. Dana and Kristy are entertaining, inspiring, and charming.

  • I so enjoyed listening to these two ladies…encouraging conversation to help me get to knitting & make it a priority since I love all the sweater possibilities I see being completed & worn

  • I love her style–and that smile lights up the world! Plus she makes the best sweaters, and so fast. Keep it up, Dana, you inspire me.

  • I didn’t know about Dana before today. Now I’ve friended her on Ravelry, and subscribed to her vlog/blog. I have so much gratitude for her inspiring optimism.
    Thank you, MDK, for giving this gift to me this weekend.
    ~ Peggy, “Peggity on Ravelry”

  • So very nice to hear about someone who knits, & so beautifully, in something other than wool. There’s more to knitting than just keeping warm. That she loves brioche, too, is just gravy. More, please.

  • Thank you for the Dana introduction! i cannot wait to follow her!

  • So beautifull. Where do you get the time to FINISH your projects. I have 2 sweaters to SEW UP and one sweater that has been on my needles for 3/4 YEARS… How do you do that. Joyce.

  • Dana has the most beautiful smile, loved listening to her fibre story with Kristy. I now seriously follow Dana’s “knitworthy “ advice.

  • This video is so full of joy. I laughed out loud about dealing with yarn stashes after you pass.
    I have an Executor of the Sewing Room in my will who will deal with all the yarn, fabric book and supplies should I shuffle off unexpectedly. It made my solicitor smile!