Lazy Sunday: Abstract

By Kay Gardiner
February 9, 2020
To bang out a sweater, it helps to have a good long TV series to binge.

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  • I loved watching this series last year. My brother and sister-in-law (who are both in the creative field) recommended it highly, and they were absolutely right. I’m a scientist so creativity isnt high on my work priorities, but this series really pulled me in. I loved the episode about the crocheted/macrame play equipment.

  • Thanks–this looks interesting. I don’t know why this hasn’t popped up on my Netflix feed before.

    • Have you watched Explained on Netflix? Each episode is less than 30 minutes. I found several highly fascinating: Pandemic (because I am an RN), Beauty (what pleases the eye), and Animal Intelligence.

  • Thanks for the suggestions. I’m in that bizarre “can’t look away” mode with Ann’s Next in Fashion. I need an intervention and the two shows here hopefully will do the trick.

  • Oh yes I will be watching this!
    I am always saying, this is poor design, my washing machine, sewing machine , etc, etc , I love the creative process of figuring it out!

  • Since childhood, I have had a strong interest in buildings. Especially the older mansions. During the 1960’s-1970’s, buildings of note were being demolished only to become parking lots. In 1971, an incredible Denver Art Museum was built. It is the only building in our country designed by Gio Ponti and the local architect became my father in law in 1981. I had fallen in love with his buildings before I met him. He and his cohorts were able to save many buildings before his death at age 61. He would be horrified to see the city he loved. My goal is to be able to leave Denver in the next year and move back to Oregon. But, as one who loves beautiful buildings and their stories, thank you for this Sunday treat.

    • Ann, if you’re moving to Portland, please contact me (a fellow knitter). jcwellesATgmail

    • I would love to warch the shows but i dont have netflex. Can they be seen on any other format?

      • On Instagram, you won’t have access to the show but you can follow Christoph Niemann either under his name or at @abstractsunday. He is phenomenally talented.

  • thank you…will look forward to watching this

  • Id’ like to suggest DADS IN HEAVEN WITH NIXon as a fascinating look at art. IT takes a bit into the story, but that makes it even better.

  • I may have missed it if you’ve ever mentioned it, but Kay, I think you would enjoy the 99% Invisible podcast, which is all about design. Not necessarily fashion–although sometimes it has been about fashion–but the design of all kinds of things. It doesn’t hurt that the host, Roman Mars, has the most plummy radio voice I’ve ever heard.