Lazy Sunday: Catch Up Time

By Ann Shayne
September 1, 2019
  • This is the third time you’ve told your readers that we need to watch “The Look.”
    Do you really have so little love for us that you feel you must remind us, your readers, that we’re racists? You’re NOT but we ARE.
    I suggest you open your Bible to First Corinthians and read the words of Paul. Love does not remind others of all their faults. Love does not keep a filing cabinet on the faults of others. You don’t know a one of us, but believe we’re all racists in need of chastising.
    I suggest you open that Book and learn the ways of Jesus. Love as I have loved you.,that means unconditionally no matter what.

    • Unfortunately there are others who use the Bible as their basis for spreading hate and discrimination in this country and the world.

      Sometimes we all need a little reminder.

    • Whoa. That’s a big assumption about Kay and Anne, love. Take a deep breath and don’t stress so much. The point of the recommendation is that we all forget sometimes to look through another’s lens. Also as near as I can tell there have been far more reminders of MDKs favorite Brit costume dramas than this commercial. At any rate, peace to you and yours!

    • You are sooooo free to unsubscribe. Judge not………

      • Oh you two have really been able to recommend things that look really amazing to me. I am very picky about watching shows. Thanks!

      • How is recommending this video an accusation of racism? It’s showing a part of the African-American experience through one man’s eyes— an experience which I’ve heard about from friends, but which I haven’t experienced because I’m white. It’s an education, not an accusation.

    • I was glad to see a reminder about The Look. For some reason, even though I know it’s been here (this is a recap of previous columns), I haven’t yet watched. So, thanks Ann!

      I am somewhat curious that you are assuming everyone here has a bible. Not everyone here is a Christian; perhaps many are not. There is much diversity in religious and spiritual beliefs.

    • Cristie, no one is calling anyone else a racist here at MDK. It’s clear to us that the people who made “The Look” want viewers to understand what life is like for those who are subjected daily to suspicion and scorn because of the color of their skin. If you watch it, you’ll see.

  • I think it doesn’t hurt to have a reminder. After arriving too early for a haircut last week, I was subjected to a political conversation that was particularly vicious in nature. The main complainer admitted that she never watches the news or reads a newspaper but she had plenty of nasty things to say. On her way out she had to schedule her next appt. around the bible study that she would be attending. I hope she learns something from it.

    • I’m a practicing Catholic, and I really liked what Pete Buttegieg said about how Christians spend so much time on things Jesus never said, and so little time on what He actually said.