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  • Jumper Cables!!!! “from my car to your car!” oh my gosh! thanks for the trip down memory lane! i don’t think i ever saw them live, but i must have heard them on WRVU. i miss that station!

  • Thanks Ann, I loved this. The world needs more songs about casual footwear. Not sure about the elf and Mrs C – the last thing we need at this time of year is Santa stressing out. 🙂

  • PRICELESS!!!! I love this and what a tribute to everlasting relationships! Thanks so much for sharing this, it really made my Sunday morning! xo Tammy

  • Sunday morning belly laugh material…”Me and Mrs. Claus” getting us in the spirit….

    • In the spirit for what exactly? ????

  • How wonderful to wake up to the Young Nashvillians!

    And there was me, studying Torts when I could have been hanging in the Shaynes’ basement.

    LOVE the Christmas songs particularly.

  • Smart lyrics & cute boys – it’s surprising they didn’t have a basement full of groupies! Cheers to old friendships!

  • I am calling Connie Britton with a suggestion to put the Young Nashvillians in an episode of “Nashville.”

  • Wow super-impressed with their sound as a teenage band (they were really good!)… and evolution to adults. Thanks for the ongoing entertainment, Ann and Kay. Merry Christmas to both of you!

  • What a hoot! Good looking then, good looking now! What a great sound with a 60’s vibe in 1982, I love it! What a great “how I met my husband” story to share!