By Kay Gardiner
November 18, 2018

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  • Oh man, just the trailer made me weepy!

  • I already started getting teary-eyed reading your blog post.

  • For a cat movie, watch ‘Kedi’, about the street cats in Istanbul. That’ll make you cry too, in a good way, and is a great movie for someone who doesn’t understand the appeal of cats.

    • Thanks for this recommendation! I loved Kedi!
      I could barely knit to it because of having to read subtitles 😉
      As a cat lover I was transported to paradise!

  • Even the trailer put a lump in my throat! I better get a box of tissues for each episode.

  • I binged on “Dogs” and knit socks yesterday. I wish I had skipped the episode about the Costa Rican street dogs. The rest of it was uplifting—people loving their dogs and their dogs loving them back. Through it all, I kept thinking of the old saying, “I wish I could be the person my dog thinks I am.”

  • Excellent suggestion! Thank you. Looking forward to watching.

  • Oh Olive!

  • Oh man, I don’t think I could knit AND watch this movie. It would have to be one of those muscle memory projects.

    • yep, i tried and had to put my knitting down. kleenex are a must!

  • It’s become a Sunday morning tradition around here: I read your column and tell my dh what we need to watch. When I shared the news this morning he said he already had the dogumentary in our queue. That said, one of our boys (dogs) doesn’t do well watching any animals on TV. We can’t watch The Dog Whisperer, for example. He knocked down and broke one of our big screen tvs when our dog sitters were watching Animal Kingdom! So we may have to put him in another room or give him a Prozac so that we can watch this dogumentary. I watched the trailer and I cried while he came across the room to see what the barking and whining was all about. Wish us luck!!

  • I already watches two of these yesterday. I love all things dog.

  • Me, too — teary and lump in my throat just from watching. the trailer As the woman says at the end, “I can’t imagine my life without dogs.” Thank you, Kay!

  • Hooray! This comes at just the right time! I’m laid up for a while, having had surgery on Friday. I’m presently wading through all the unwatched episodes of The Great British Bakeoff, but all good things come to an end too soon. (And since the surgery was on my hand, I won’t be spending time trying out recipes…or knitting either, for that matter!) This will fill the gap!

  • The proper thing to knit while watching this would be a dog sweater.

  • I’m working away from home for 6 months and caught this wonderful show on AZPBS. DH and dog are back home . I love my husband but cried like a baby for missing my mix breed border collie love of a dog as soon as one that looked like her came in the screen. Argh, I’m crying just writing this. It’s an excellent program and I think it’s narrated by Martin Clune.

    • Wrong show…but I still miss my dog.

  • Just teared up reading this… I definitely can’t watch this one! Though so tempting! Cats: same. I can’t watch shows about them either. I have had cats and dogs my entire life- I can’t imagine my life without them. I love them each for their own unique and amazing qualities. No dog vs cat wars in this house!

  • I love dogs but I don’t want to cry.

    • Hi Nancy and Kim (below),

      One thing I came across in reading about the series is that NO DOGS DIE in this series. I am nearing the halfway point and all my tears have been tears of joy that dogs exist.

      • Except for episode five, it was heartwarming—my seven month old Yorkie puppy is SO happy that she isn’t living in Japan. (She pitches a royal hissy fit if I even come into the same room with a hairbrush in hand.)

  • Nope. Can’t do it. No way. Marley & Me? Uh-uh. Old Yeller? Puh-leeze. Turner & Hooch? Seriously?! I can’t watch fictional dog stories where the dog doesn’t do well; ain’t no way I could handle Costa Rican street dogs. Shoot, you may as well throw in a documentary on treatment of dogs by the Chinese during certain holidays. I’ll just knit, listen to a good book & watch my sweet greyhound, Layla, sleeping on her bed right in front of me.

  • Ok now I really want the aloof but goofy cat version. Probably in British.

  • Episode 2 was really, really hard for us to watch…not just because of the dog, but also because of how difficult life was for the people featured in the show. Imagine if every single person who thinks ill of immigrants were to watch this episode. Perhaps, then, they would have an iota of empathy. The images of life in Damascus were just gut-wrenching…and to think the dog was rescued…but not that little girl who played with him in the street. Sigh.

  • OMG, thank you for this! I shall queue this up for my dog-fanatic husband tonight!

  • I feel like this post was tailor made for me (and Daisy and Joey of course)

  • Great recommendation. This series is about so much more than dogs! (Not that dogs wouldn’t have been enough.) Watched the 1st two last night while digesting, was moved & inspired by the service dogs and the struggle of the kids/families they help, and then wept throughout at the relationships of the friends trying to rescue Zeus from Syria. (Gut punch at the speculation that if they were dogs, someone might rescue the humans too.) Yes, these stories are hard — but good hard, you know? Thanks for the rec.

  • regarding the documentary “Dogs” on Netflix, I just sobbed (with happiness and joy) my way through the first episode.