Double Feature

By Ann Shayne
March 3, 2019
The MDK Shop has all sorts of sundries and special things that are fun to receive in the mail.

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  • Also: Ben Chaplin. He’s the other reason to watch Thin Red Line. That’s him in the screenshot above. Sorry, bit of drool on my screen. He’s also in Feast of July.

    • The truth about cats and dogs…

    • And speaking of Ben Chaplin, he also has a small part in Remains of the Day (1993) with Anthony Hopkins and Emma Thompson, a movie that just mesmerizes me every time. Not much knitting gets done, though, I can’t take my eyes off the screen.

      Ditto with the other comments for Moonstruck!

  • Kermit is wonderful! Love it when he has time to appear in the newsletter!

  • Moonstruck
    Know every line by heart, PERFECT casting, always cry when the WTC skyline shows up.

    Nice glass of Montepulciano helps too.

    • I second your recommendation of Moonstruck.

  • Love the daily snippets, it’s like visiting a yarn shop everyday, along with my morning coffee. Thank you.

  • The Fabulous Baker Boys! Such a good movie. And though it has a (moderately) happy ending, not so escapist – it’s moving and honest about making a small living in the arts.

  • Kermit is not impressed

  • I am glad to hear it is not just me who is “up, down, and all around.” I love the term mental whiplash. Hang in there; Spring is coming.

  • Kermit wants you to change the channel back to Animal Planet. A big bowl of treats and a few catnip mice would be nice, too.

  • Tx! Shockingly I’ve seen both. That never happens with your recs. Loved them both too!

  • I’ve been exploring some new areas of video entertainment lately, including binge-watching something like fifteen 13-episode seasons of a weekly television drama series from Kenya. I’ve been in a strange place entertainment-wise for the past 2 years, 3 months, and 24 days, but am keeping a list of recommendations in case this changes in the future. Hopefully the near future.

    • Me too! If you want something different, try ‘Secret Healer’ on Netflix. Sorcery, treachery, politics, true love, and wonderful costumes. It’s Korean, and totally hypnotic. Which make knitting a little tricky…

    • What series? Netflix, Prime?

  • Both sound way too heavy for anything I want to watch right now; there’s enough angst and crazy going on in the world. I recommend Murder by Death, Bedazzled (Peter Cook and Dudley Moore!), The Wrong Box, Kind Heard and Coronets, lots of Carry GraGr movies.

    • Alfred Hitchcock, lost in space the 1968 series, Frazier, MASH first season, Nick and Norah, Hercules Piorot, LORT, Hobbit,Stage door, and no tv news.

      • Sounds good to me!

  • Kermit!! Resting cat face!!

  • Not seen The Thin Red Line (yet) but the movie that made me even more determined we should all work for peace was Hacksaw Ridge. I have never been to the cinema before or since and seen a film where every single cinemagoer left the screening in total silence…

  • I enjoy seeing this wonderful cat. What a great face.

  • Hahah, Kermit. That face is A+.

  • Also endorsing Moonstruck. John Mahoney! Olympia Dukakis! And add to the escapism list Strictly Ballroom. Perfection! I can watch it again and again.