Lazy Sunday: Family Bonding Edition

By Kay Gardiner
October 30, 2016

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  • The writer of It’s Always Sunny went to high school with my son. He was a funny kid then and it’s great to see him succeed! Bonding with late teen boys is well worth it. Enjoy.

    • Mary Alice, Carlie Day was my brother’s roommate at the Abbey!

  • Oh, yes, we do this in our house as well. Chuck and Parks and Rec so far with my son. X-Files with my daughter. Poldark, however, I have to watch on my own.

  • I read that Wikipedia summary long before I started watching Always Sunny, and I was Appalled. Then I saw a couple episodes. Now I treasure that hilarious (and shockingly accurate summary) and the first several seasons of the show. Just a laugh a minute, but yes, not for everybody. (And it helps that in from Philly and live the location shoots.)

  • that’s awesome

  • I might be the only 70 year old woman who has seen every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer…same reason.

  • I can depart this earth a happy person – my teen daughter delights in keeping The Great British Baking Show on an endless loop. And Sunday night PBS – good times (plus popcorn!)

  • Just FYI – as the mum of a 16 yo girl, this is also the best (sometimes only) way to bond with the daughters.

  • Marvel’s agents of Shield was also good for that, and has the benefit of movies that your (no longer teenage) son and his friend (!) are happy to go to with an aged parent.

    And the Great British Bake Off was one for all generations, even at far flung universities, to keep in touch with. At one stage we had four generations watching it, including then teenage son.

  • I’ve never seen the American version of The Office, but the British original was a masterpiece in tv that makes you cringe, but you can’t stop watching it.

  • My son and I LOVE It’s Always Sunny! It is so awful it is hysterically funny. When I was getting chemo treatments, I used to take dvd’s of it to play during the treatments. They say that laughter helps, right? It also had the plus of embarrassing my husband when I would laugh out loud and not realize it because of my earphones.

  • Third Rock from the Sun is our Mom/teen bonding TV series. I think we’re up to season five. Pre-teen series was BBC’s Hercule Poirot. Also every. single. Mythbusters episode ever.

  • We credit Dwight with bringing beets back into our life. Separately, will teen boys watch The Mindy Project? (Asking for a friend.)

  • The no teachable moments, no judgement thing tho, is key to this strategy. When my mom tried it when I was 16, she couldn’t resist **commenting on** every scene and asking me “Why would he do that? That’s so dumb!”, etc. I have come to realize as an adult that it wasn’t specific to me and the shows I liked — she does that with all TV watching. Seems to be part of how she enjoys it,

    But for 16-year-old me, it was torture and some of our biggest fights ensued when I reached my limit and tried to evict her from the couch.

    (thank goodness for adulthood)

  • Try “The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” which is hilarious without having people be nasty to each other, which I get kind of sick of. It’s the kind of show in which no joke is too small and every time you watch it you pick up new funny references. It’s on Netflix.

  • This strategy works with 85 year-old dads, too. We spent many hours together yesterday, watching “Highway Through Hell” with our own little terrier and some sock knitting. We are into anything on Netflix that features dangerous things people do to earn a living while working in sub-zero temperatures in the Canadian wilderness. “Ice Pilots” is another fave.

  • Great idea. My son is only 2, but hopefully I’ll remember this tip when he’s older. 🙂
    My only warning for “Sunny” is if you binge watch too many in a row, you stop being quite to appalled at the behavior, which is an appalling prospect in and of itself and also makes the show less funny somehow….

  • My daughter and I bonded over Friends and are looking for a new show – I had forgotten how fun it is to have someone into the same show that you are so every little detail can be rehashed (probably more of a girl thing…!

  • O.M.G. yes.