Five Came Back

By Ann Shayne
May 28, 2017

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  • Such a great recommendation – thanks, Ann!

  • I know what I’m watching tonight.

  • When people say “Happy Memorial Day” it drives me crazy. You don’t have to be solemn and weepy, but the day is a day of remembrance. War is not a happy thing. Better to say, “Have a pleasant Memorial Day.”

    • It drives me crazy too. This day is to remember fallen soldiers. Not active duty soldiers, not the first day of summer. I am an Army wife and mom of an active duty soldier. I take the holiday to heart.

  • Thanks for the reminder. My father was among the American troops who liberated a concentration camp, and like many veterans of that conflict (as well as others) he never talked about it. There was once a documentary on PBS detailing the route of the 3rd Army … he began to watch, then once they got to the camps, he got up from his chair, and went to his desk to work. Went to Yad Vashem in Israel and couldn’t stay in the building, he told my mother he could still smell the stench. Supported the Holocaust Museum in DC.

    Sigh. This is Memorial Day Weekend … and we should remember. I processed yellow arm bands at work, and the objects were chilling.

    I see less and less men with poppies at the supermarkets, though. Found one, and it’s displayed in the Mom is the family Uber driver car.

  • I watched this after your first recommendation, and agree with all you say about it.

  • Thanks for the recommendation,I just watched the first episode, it was excellent.

  • Thank you for this recommendation. Hubs and I binge-watched it. Very moving.

  • Thank you, we are watching this. Engrossing.

  • I just heard the interview with the author on Fresh Air – it was a book first, then a documentary. I think I might have to check out the book.