Lazy Sunday: On Golden Pond

By Ann Shayne
May 27, 2018
Knitting and movies: our favorite combination

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  • And apparently, some of it was filmed on Squam Lake, where some of us will be in a week and a bit, to knit. Could be part of one’s prep to watch.

    • I had no idea that is where it was filmed. How fun.

    • What she said. Except I can go this year…

  • I wish I could just watch On Golden Pond and lose myself in a good family story but the thought of children being taken from their mothers at the border by this administration leaves me heart sick. I want to act. Been calling and writing my representatives in Congress. Called ICE. Feel like it probably will not make a difference but I need to try. Hope there will be a collective rage about this that it will reach critical mass. How can any parent watch this happening and not take action?

    • It is heartbreaking and infuriating to see the reports of what has been happening at the border. I wrote my representatives and encourage everyone to do the same.

  • Love that movie!!!

  • “Norman you old poop!” Love me some Kate Hepburn.

  • Good idea! I won’t be going to my “lake house” either. 😀

  • Enjoy the movie and then come to New Hampshire and enjoy our beautiful state. We have mountains, lakes and a bit of seashore. We have museums, art galleries,craftspeople and even semi-pro sports teams.

    And we have sheep & yarn….some of it world famous like Harrisville Designs and some of it more locally reknown like what you find at the annual Sheep & Wool Festival held annually on Mother’s Day weekend.

    • I’m going to Harrisville Designs soon! My second class there and I can’t wait. It’s high on my list of cool towns of the USA.

  • Here’s my claim to fame: my cousin’s wife raised sheep whose fleeces were milled at the Harrisville Mills, and they lived in Harrisville. Alas, now both deceased.

  • You may not have a house by the lake, but in years past you have had the Monteagle Assembly, which from your accounts and what I’ve read sounds pretty wonderful!

  • I saw that film when it first came out, and literally the only thing I remember about it now is “lawn chair.” It will be like seeing a whole new movie! 🙂