Lazy Sunday: Groundhog Day

By Ann Shayne
September 16, 2018
Field Guide No. 8: Merry Making. What if you could knit the same hat, over and over?

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  • Mine too his character grows with each day……I also really like Lost in Translation this one surprised me how much I did………….

  • As a GenX who grew up in the 80s and 90s, Bill Murray’s movies are the stuff of fond memories for me. Honourable mention for Ghostbusters as well (80s magic in a bottle + Sigourney Weaver was ace in it too).

  • I adore this movie. I agree it was Bill at his best. Andie (my curly-haired idol) was luminous. I’m also a big Harold Ramis fan, since the days of SCTV, and he did an amazing job with the film. Did you all know that there was actually a “Groundhog Day” Broadway musical? Hard to believe, right? I saw it and it had its fun moments, but c’mon, nothing can ever compare to the genius of the original source.

  • I used to teach in Woodstock, Illinois where the movie was made. Every year, Groundhog Day is still a HUGE deal there…and there are two enormous groundhog figures in the school district’s offices!

  • Although I know the premise, I’ve never seen the film, so thanks for the nudge. I also have to recommend my favorite Bill Murray movie, “What About Bob?” Pure silliness that makes me forget a bad day every single time!

  • It’s an absolute favorite at our house! A movie that is better the more times you watch. ‘Groundhog Day’ and ‘Meet the Parents’ we can never pass by when channel surfing!

  • I could watch this movie day after day after day….

  • The movie was filmed in Woodstock, Illinois (my hometown). My dad said when the movie came out everyone went to see it twice. Once to see who in the town showed up in the final cut and then the second time to see the movie. I still love it. His bed and breakfast is about a block from my grandmother’s house which is now a bed and breakfast. The ‘hotel’ in the movie is the opera house on the square. If you get to northern Illinois you should just spend the day.