Kristy Glass’s Magnum Opus

By Ann Shayne
October 29, 2017

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  • Tasha and Sydney won Rhinebeck.

  • Wowsers!

    Happy 500th anniversary of the Reformation!

  • What a great video, I love the energy but more importantly I found two new things I want to knit!

  • This is so great…for all the iterations of “This is my first sweater” alone! The interviews are good, too!

  • I missed Rhinebeck for the first time this year after making it every year for 8 years. It’s really great to have Kristy recap it for me, I almost feel like I went after all!.

  • Thanks for that. I’ve yet to make it to Rhinebeck (heck, I couldn’t even make it to The Bakery to meet Kay!) so I absurdly loved the video. Except yawl weren’t in it…..

  • I loved seeing all the ‘first sweaters’, as I just finished my first sweater about 3 weeks ago. Finishing that first sweater was amazing, so I loved hearing others talk excitedly and proudly of theirs. And that Nancy drew sweater??? I almost died from the fabulousness!

  • Loved the sweaters, but also loved watching everyone strolling by in the background. Tempted to watch it again to focus on that.

  • I have stopped going, so it was great fun to see this video. I pity all the peeps who slaved over sweaters only to have the weather so uncooperative.

  • great, great sweaters

  • Such a great video – thanks so much for the link! Very inspiring – everyone looked so good, and they were all having a great time! ❤️❤️

  • I loved the video. Some day I’ll make it to Rhinebeck – I’ve been knitting for over 40 years and have some classics that I could totally use the Gleemer on! Thanks for sharing the video!