Les Misérables

By Kay Gardiner
April 21, 2019
Stockinette stitch makes a fine accompaniment to period drama.

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  • Boring. Derek Jacobi yes please!!!! Olivia Colman no thanks. As my ma used to say, remember one mans meat is another mans poison . Enjoy!!!!

  • Loving this adaptation. So much closer to the novel.

  • I have only seen the first episode so far and it was difficult to shift from musical to drama in my head but I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to seeing the rest.

  • My plan is to simply sing the cast album along with the drama. I’m pretty sure I still know all the words.

  • Hi from the UK! I’m not a huge Olivia Colman fan either, but she is excellent in this (it screened over here a couple of months ago. And Dominic West is SUPERB as Jean Valjean <3

  • I hurt my back and am staring up at the ceiling…. an icky version of miserable for me

  • I will most def watch this. This story moves me deeply and I think Olivia Coleman is amazingly versatile. Aaaaand, since I sob uncontrollably every time I watch Anne Hathaway sing I Dreamed a Dream (Every. Time.), I’m relieved there’s no music…I think.

  • Grim, slow, & dreary. Reminds me why reading the novel was such a chore, even skipping over Hugo’s voluminous digressions. Watched the first segment, won’t be watching the rest. Not even for another too-brief glimpse of Derek Jacoby at work.

  • We had to read this in seventh grade. All my friends were really grumpy about why we had to read this old, long book. I had read a lot of ‘old, long’ books by then and I campaigned hard for them to at least give it a chance. It turned out that they all loved it and I hated it but I could never admit it to anyone. Maybe I’ll give this a try 50+ years later.

  • Don’t forget Phil Collins’ daughter Lily as Fantine!

  • That tooth pulling scene was too much for me, but otherwise, I’m enjoying it. Watching it each Sunday as the episodes are aired on PBS.

    • Me too! Having just had a tooth extracted two weeks ago, I caught myself telling the TV, “NO NO NO NO—DON’T DO IT”… but she did it …

      This is my first exposure to LM, so it’s all new and I’m waiting for the next episode.