Man in an Orange Shirt

By Kay Gardiner
July 1, 2018
Nothing like knitting and a good love story to escape reality.

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  • I saw this movie. The change in acceptance comes full circle for this woman, as it does for her grandson.

  • I found this movie on Passport (while knitting, as you do) and loved it. So well done and such a beautiful story!

  • I always look forward to your recommendations !

  • It’s free on until tonight. PBS has stuff for free for 2 weeks after the airdate. Otherwise you need to be a Passport member.

  • GREAT recommendation!!! What a beautiful movie! Thank you, Kay!

  • Oh my. I was in need of something new to watch. I always enjoy your selections. But this is making me terribly sad.

    • It’s sad but I think true-to-life, and hang on for the contemporary story, which is much more upbeat.

  • Thank you so much for posting this. I was able to watch it before it wasn’t available for free viewing. Everything that Masterpiece does is impeccable. I have “cut the cord” with cable because there are so many channels of nothing but garbage but, thank God, I still can get PBS over the air. Love is eternal and it should not be denied of anyone.

  • Are there sweaters?!! Good, woolly, British, WWII era sweaters?

    • YOU’D THINK I WOULD HAVE MENTIONED THIS but yes! There are some excellent sweaters including an amazing Fair Isle.