The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

By Kay Gardiner
January 14, 2018
Make yourself an ice cold roast beef sandwich, browse the MDK Shop, and it's almost like you're at the hotel knitting show!

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  • I binged right through it. What a treat.

  • It was my first time in the gaudy hotel ballroom! Great fun but I missed the sheep and alpaca.

  • I love this show!

  • Mrs. Maisel is delightful. And they are planning a second season!

  • I LOVE Mrs. Maisel! So fun!

  • Did you see Sharon Stone’s sweater on Sunday Morning (CBS) today (1/14)? With the diagonal cables. How can I go about finding out about this sweater?

    • I saw it. It WAS very lovely.

    • Let me know when you do. I’ve been a’lookin!

  • Mrs. Maisel was the best !

  • Or the perfect way to console oneself for missing the pub meet-up after said yarn-gazing, on the southbound Amtrak. Last three eps dowloaded and queued up! XXO

  • Thank you for the heads up!

  • I LOVE this show and every character in it… Tony Shaloub is perfectly weird. And, seeing Alan’s ex-wife from Two & One-Half Men was a total pleasure! I am so glad for each of us having discovered this.

  • I’m totally hooked! I loved Rachel Brosnahan on House of Cards as well.

  • I watch the pilot months ago when Amazon was seeking input. I loved it and voted for it. It was great to hear that they developed it into a series. Love, love, love this show!!!

  • The best! Dipped in to try it last week and ended up binge watching the whole season. Rare, for me.

  • Oh, and the coats! (I know it’s a knitting blog, but really…the coats!!)

    • I know- I want that green swing coat so bad!!! and I hate to wear a coat- but I’d wear that one

  • My stars, that show looks good! and heavens to Betsy, it’s on Canadian Amazon too. Thank you for the recommendation, I’ll start watching tonight. I never would have found this, Amazon Prime video is impossible for me to browse through.

  • My DH and I discovered it a couple of weeks ago- took 2 nights to watch them all- darn work! Looking forward to Season 2. If only it didn’t make me want brisket and more vintage dishes!!