Lazy Sunday: Meet Peggy

By Ann Shayne
January 6, 2019
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  • Such a lovely woman. She’s a blessing to the world.

  • Absolutely inspiring!

  • What a wonderful spirit!

  • OMG – this is one of the best things I’ve ever seen! Woke up feelings blue today but seeng this just gave me a shot of positieve energy! May Peggy live long and knit many more jerseys!

    • Me, too, Diana! I might have to keep this on my ipad to share with people! Now I want to send her yarn.

      • me too

  • Words and deeds to live by – what a lovely piece thank you for sharing!

  • Amazing. It really is all in our own hands. Quite literally.

  • Thank you so much for sharing the story of this lovely and inspiring woman!

  • What a sweetheart!

  • Wow!! What a great and inspirational way to start my day!

  • Amen!!!

  • Better than church.

    • Amen!

    • You bet!

  • “I’ve never bought wool, it just arrives!” How very precious – expect to find loveliness and there it is.

  • Thank you so much for posting this. I watched it 3 times before I could stop! What an inspiration she is and an important reminder of what’s important. I aspire to be more like her when I grow up!

  • That is one of the most beautiful inspirational women I have ever seen! Thank you so much for sharing that video! Now I wish I knew where to send her yarn❤️

  • What an inspiring amazing woman!!! I loved this so much!!! “If you’re lonely make a cup of tea, or knit”. So perfect!!!!!

  • Thank you for sharing the story of this beautiful woman.

  • I love her!! My daughter calls herself a selfish knitter and thinks I’m crazy for giving most of what I knit away. This woman is an inspiration.

  • Thank you for sharing this film! And for introducing Green Renaisance films.

  • Gratitude for and awareness of what a gift it is to be alive, and a love for knitting…what a beautiful spirit, thanks for sharing this! And now I want to check out other films by Green Renaissance! ❤️❤️❤️

  • What an inspiration! This made my day.

  • So now here I am, tears in my eyes and the sun isn’t even up yet! Thank you so much for sharing this.

  • Magical!!!! She sure is a gift to the world and all those lucky babies!

  • What lovely little lady. I think most Knitters give their work away…but she is extra special. Thanks for sharing her story.

  • this has made me truly happy. thank you

  • Amazing, inspiring, brought tears to my eyes. Pass the Kleenex, please.

  • I’m with you, Peggy!

  • I loved this video, and this woman! I feel the same way, never lonely, love to knit! We knitters are
    fortunate people.

  • I love her view on life and her kindness to others).” If your lonely, just have a cup of tea.” She is wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • This was wonderful. So insightful. I want to be that lady. She does have a wonderful life.

  • These words of wisdom are life-changing for me. Thank you for this!

  • Thank you so very, very much! I just loved watching Peggy, and like others have said, I will bookmark this for days when I need a little boost.

  • Thank you for sharing Peggy’s purls of wisdom! She is my hero today!

  • “If I ever go to jail and I can’t knit…” Oh my gosh, she made me laugh out loud! I too have often thought the worst thing I could imagine about being in jail is not knitting! 🙂

  • That we all could live like that! What a gem of a human being!

  • Will take her with me to church, and add her to my prayer litany. Maybe take up her mission. I miss knitting small things.

  • This is a beautiful video. MDK, this is an example of the great quality and content of this site.

  • What a wonderful woman. I am inspired to become a better version of myself. Thank you for sharing.

  • awesome segment and so inspiring. i was hoping to find a kit to join her movement. i feel the same about knitting

  • …just ❤️❤️❤️. Full heart. heart you for sharing.

  • With tears today as I watch this – what a beautiful lady! I see myself in her and hope I will be doing the same thing for others. Tks for sharing

  • What a beautiful outlook on life and knitting. She’s truly inspiring.

  • Thank you thank you thank you.
    I needed to wake up and hear Peggy’s optimism.

  • Thank you for posting this Ann. Such flair this woman has! Peggy’s love of knitting and spirit of giving are priceless, and a gift to all of us this morning. We can see and feel that she has true peace and happiness in her life. She has given me a lot to think about. ~ Peggy

  • So lovely and inspiring and thought-provoking right up to “I want to be remembered” and now I’m crying and the cats are worried, dammit. I’m going to watch it again right now.

    • Just watched again, almost didn’t cry this time. Also watched the “All in the Mind” film. I think if I ever-ever-ever feel lonely, Green Renaissance is going to be my cup of tea.
      Thanks, MDK.

  • I loved this little film, Peggy is quite a gift to the world.

  • Is there a way to get an address to send Peggy a card or maybe a skein of yarn?

  • Heartwarming!

  • Oh my gosh, I loved this video and I’m inspired to do something similar now. Thank you for passing this on.

  • Waking up and missing my late son Daniel. Reminded of all if my blessings and then I found this amazing gem! God bless Peggy and her beautiful fingers. Knitting has kept me sane and connected. It fills my soul.

    • Hugs to you, Debora. I’m so sorry for your loss. Knitting is powerful stuff, thank goodness.

    • Debora, a video that might speak directly to you is called All in the Mind (from the same green renaissance group). That woman speaks to losing a child and how she carried on. There is nothing trite about her message of pain and coping, but I found it inspirational. Perhaps you will too. Keep knitting.

  • Love her.

  • I love her!

  • So glad everyone is enjoying it as much as I did. So much spirit and LIFE! Thanks for sharing it!

  • What an inspiration! The world needs more Peggys.

  • Lovely, thank you for the link. I am friends with an 86-year old woman who has knitted over 6000 pairs of slipper socks that she gives away to charity shops and anyone who likes them. Her late husband used to unpick sweaters and she used three or four strands of wool to knit up these slippers. She too is given wool all the time. It makes her happy and keeps her busy.

  • This made my day! I just love Peggy, and it only took a little over 6 minutes of video! What an inspiration.

  • What an amazing woman. Thank you for this. ❤️

  • Wonderful!!! What a joy to watch and see her spirit and get passion for the craft The beauty in giving!

  • Love her!

  • Great inspiration and I can relate to her about people being bored. I can’t understand how they can be………Thank you for sharing!

  • Love her. Thanks for sharing-need more! Now I have to go knit!

  • Wow!

  • Thank you for sharing this. I’ve been sitting here watching more stories from them and just can’t get enough. Beautiful!

  • Heart warming!We all choose our attitudes and Peggy’s is an enlightened one. Her giving is indeed a wonderful gift that contributes to her joyous demeanor. Thank you

  • Peggy is precious!

  • Wow. This made my day. What a wonderful, uplifting, hopeful woman she is.
    Many thanks for posting. Always enjoy your newsletters, especially this piece.

    Happy New Year and Happy Knitting.

    • I’m with Peggy, if I couldn’t knit I don’t know what I would do! I’m in a group that knits only for charity. I must have made 12-14 full size afghans plus a bunch of hats last year. Some ladies knit only for babies. Knitting is my joy. Just knowing someone is warm because of a afghan I made makes me feel like I’m giving back to my fellow man in a small, but loving way!

  • She’s extraordinary!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  • I am in love with Peggy. I aspire to become more like her!

  • God love her! We need more Peggy’s !

  • I have knit hundreds of hats, socks, scarves etc. and I hope today someone is being kept warm by one of them. Thank you so much for this video that sums up exactly how I want to be remembered as well. Haven’t quite figured out the “wool just arrives” but acrylic does for sure!

  • Thank You so very much for bringing this to my attention. Having grown up in the Catholic tradition, this woman will go straight to heaven ❤️

  • What a wonderful way to start the day.

  • Wonderful story!

  • Wow! A beautiful person, Inspirational. Someone I want to be.

  • Oh, OH… soul is stirred up and overflowing with NO words, just feelings, of the passion of Peggy and knitting and SHARING. I can hardly contain myself!

  • What a joy to behold! Thank you for sharing!

  • What a wonderful lady!

  • I cannot thank you enough for sharing this video. I am a South African living in another country and this made me so homesick for my country that I have binge watched all morning. It is a lovely documentary channel showing the lives of ordinary people loving their lives. It is so uplifting and encouraging. Just think! I may never have found this channel if I wasn’t a knitter! God indeed works in mysterious ways.

  • Peggy is a beautiful lady

  • Just had a moment to watch…”neverever be lonely” – words to live and knit by.

  • How beautiful and sweet,God blessher❤️

  • This is the person I would most like to be when I am older. Knitting has become a lifeline for me, I can not give it up. Peggy embodies the spirit I wish to have. Thank you for this film!

    What a wonderful lady!