Lazy Sunday: Merle Hazard Is Back!

By Ann Shayne
April 15, 2018

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  • Fabulous!

  • As the wife of a long-haul trucker, I loved it!

  • Have to agree – fabulous!

  • Love it! Any chance the Shayne family could adopt me? I think it must be so much fun to be part of your family! ;-D

    • Me too!

  • I just finished reading World Without Mind so the timing of this was perfect!

  • Cute, but I must note from Wisconsin that the Holstein cow on the trailer produces milk, not “beef jerky”. A bit jarring for those in “the dairy state”, and in Texas (beef cattle), I imagine.

    • I noticed that, too but figured it was probably just the Chick-fil-A cow moonlighting. He must have left his Eat Mor Angus! sign back in the barn.

    • Cow-etic license?

  • However did you keep this a secret! Much mazel to Merle! This is the best one yet. Should be climbing the charts!

  • Literally LOL’d. Do I detect a resemblance between Ann and Daisy Sue??

  • Terrific-great to hear Merle again

  • Another winner, Merle! And unlike the duplicitous Daisy Sue, I’m sure your own sweet, big-haired Annie Lou will greet you at the door with a smooch and a “is this burnt orange juicy enough to perk up the blah of the bark brown, what?!, shhh! I’m counting… 6, 7, 8, yo, k2tog tbl, 1, 2….”

    • Where’s the “like” button?!!

  • OK — I forwarded the links to my Husbeast, who is a Professor of Economics, thinking maybe he could use them in a class.
    He then told me: “I saw him at an ASSA Meeting!”

    I also pointed out that someone translated the lyrics to German … and he teaches in Germany sometimes … though he thought there was an issue with the ‘double dipping’ song –something about Bernake fixing it? I’ve only learned this stuff by osmosis, editing papers, and living with him for xxx years…

  • Merle Hazard does it again! I love the animation.

  • With the news these days, I keep finding myself humming the old Allan Sherman chestnut “Automation” ( — for anyone who’s unfamiliar, be sure to stick around for the twist in the final verse ). So of course I’m loving this latest from Merle! I feel like this production has take the Merle Hazard oeuvre to a whole new level — congrats to him!

    • Wow, Julia — I was unaware of that song by Allan Sherman, until now. Which is odd, because I have listened to, and enjoyed, many of his songs before. (I think of the Ballad of Harry Lewis not infrequently, especially the line about trampling through the warehouse where the drapes of Roth are stored.) But you’re right, “Dave’s Song” has a lot of overlap with his, thematically. Thanks for pointing it out, what a treat!

  • Made my day! Thanks!

  • Gosh, I love Merle! And poor Dave…

  • I love all of it! So fun!

  • Nice tip of the hat to Stanley Kubrick (and Hal).

  • Don’t know how I missed this. Super clever!