Lazy Sunday: Our Souls at Night

By Kay Gardiner
September 23, 2018
Hello, Young Lovers (And Old Lovers)

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  • I loved this movie!

  • Watched the trailer; it’s a definite Two Thumbs Up!

  • Fonda & Redford were both great, underplaying what could be a hokey romance, but the book (by Kent Haruf) is also a great read, and like so many books, even better than the movie.

  • I haven’t seen the film yet but highly recommend the book!

    • As do I—quiet and beautiful!

  • I forgot how much I enjoyed this movie. I never read any reviews which is good because this was just a terrific romantic story that catches your heart for many of us who have trouble getting through the night alone.

  • Well, hoping for it to hit Amazon….,

  • This film was great. If you saw “Out of Africa” with Redford and Streep you know how sterile the film seemed. Jane Fonda and Redford make a great romantic duo. I liked the premise of combatting loneliness. I loved the execution. Hard to find an American film which doesn’t oversentimalize.

  • The book is a favorite of my reading group, however we prefer to leave the last 20 pages or so out of the narrative (kind of like pretending The Notebook ends with a young couple in love). I haven’t seen the movie yet, but the casting is delightful. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Yes, this! I really enjoyed the movie. Review, schmeview! Hard to go wrong with Robert Redford!

  • The audiobook was wonderful. Great to knit to.

  • All of Kent Haruf’s books are fabulous. So sorry that he left us so soon.

    • Kent haruf – such wonderful quiet books…

  • I will check this one out! Also, my favorite wrinkly romance (half/wrinklies as it’s a May/December thing) is Murphy’s Romance with James Garner and Sally Field from 1985. They are terrific together.

  • I liked the movie Our Souls at Night. The story line is so true about the everyday challenges faced when your spouse dies. The now empty bed is larger than ever. Simple pleasures of sharing a meal. Every day life that is taken for granted till it’s all gone.

  • I saw this and Loved it!

  • And don’t forget On Golden Pond, one of the first wrinkly movies, which features young(ish) Jane and her superb real life dad, Henry. He still had charisma, and Katherine Hepburn had such class, they had such chemistry, and the je ne sais quoi…dealing with the issues of aging couples… oooooh….they don’t make em like that anymore…

  • I thought it was sweet.
    I however like the hotel scene between Fonda and Sam Elliot on Grace and Frankie ❤️

  • I loved the audiobook!

  • I loved the movie—I think part of it is the history we share with this couple.

  • I watched it, while knitting, a few months ago and found it to be charming. Having been divorced since 2000, my choice, one thing I do miss is holding hands.

  • OK – I watch everything this site recommends but gotta say, this was wretched IMO! I couldn’t get more than half way through. FWIW, I’m 48 and I freakin’ LOVE Jane Fonda.

  • As a wrinkly, I enjoyed a movie about dealing with wrinkly things, not just romance. My country’s government is seriously talking about having a Minister for Loneliness …..

  • The movie and Redford and Fonda were fine but I liked the book much more .love Ken Haruf’s books.

  • I loved the book and loved the movie, too. Both made quiet and sensible people appealing and even a little sexy. We should all hope for that kind of companionship and intimacy in our old age.

  • I real have enjoyed it! I also really enjoyed The Book Club, also with Jane Fonda.

  • Spent a happy Sunday afternoon watching this movie. Would have missed it since it was not in what Netflix insists is my Instant Queue. Thanks, Kay!

  • I downloaded this from Netflix and watched it on the plane coming home from Ireland today. It was such an interesting proposal that she made and I loved their slow paced relationship development and the way it progressed. Worth watching.

  • Robert Redford is smokin hot in that pic above….

  • I enjoyed the film but I really loved the book.