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  • Those are the subtlest garter stitch triangles ever! Blink and you miss them garter stitch triangles!

  • The colors of that cake and of your knitting look lovely together. Rather vintage with that pink and the pastels.

  • When I watched the first season, I couldn’t stop peering at my husband — who is a classical musician with an orchestra — and asking him if he was really a Russian spy. The show really messes with you.

  • Peaches. The Americans. Cashmere. Three of my favorite things.

    This is how much I love The Americans: On a trip to London in May I purchased that week’s episode on iTunes the night it aired in the US because I couldn’t wait till I got home five days later. I stayed up to keep checking iTunes every hour until they made it available. Around 5 AM London time.

    After you binge watch the first four seasons you will be on tenterhooks till next February. Or I suppose you could stretch out your supply of episodes. Bwahhahha. Who are we kidding?

  • The Americans first season was a rather weird flashback to my college years and all the Tom Clancy novels I read. Not sure why I lost track of it. Excellent 4th of July watching. Thanks for the reminder. Enjoying the virtual cashmere knitting and excited to see your finish.

  • And if you want to live in the house of the family that inspired the show, it’s back on the market

  • Love your scarf and that cake. Enjoy. Happy 4th.

  • Having grown up in the South and lived there for 55 years, I adore peaches. Clingstones giving way to freestone peaches. However, now that I am in Montana…well, there is more opportunity to wear heavy knits, but peaches….plastic imports!

  • Love The Americans! A must watch in my TV/knitting viewing!

  • I agree with the post above, the colors are beautiful! And what a tease! I refuse to join the Plucky buying frenzy, enough I do HHF and Skein Yarn frenzies! Wish PK would sell retail. Oh well.
    I was thinking of having the neighbors in for dessert….?
    Happy 4th!

  • Dear Ann –This is a peachy morning . A large colander filled to the brim with East Tennessee freestone peaches sits on my kitchen table. Fresh from yesterday’s farmers’ market they will probably be sliced into a big bowl, but your recipe is tempting. Your knitting project has that soft summer glow and tempts me too. Off to read about the pattern and check my stash. Stay cool.

  • Oh, “The Americans.” One of those “it’s so good but it’s hard to watch” dramas. Matthew Rhys. (check out “Death Comes to Pemberly” on Netflix for a change of pace).

    and recently, the NYT had an article about the house in Montclair, NJ that was home to the real life Soviet spies-as-neighbors which is still for sale.

  • Love The Americans. Been watching since they came on. Wonder how Mr FBI man next door can’t figure out the nighttime coming and going of his neighbors. Travel agents really do not have that many emergencies.

  • I love your tablecloth!

  • I am totally obsessed with the Americans, too. I just started season 4. I wonder about the women in my knitting group. Hmmmm!

  • Would you list the colors of the scarf (or point me to it if you already did)? Perfect with the peaches.

    • The solid pink is Dreamy. The variegated is Small Batch Plucky No. 001. The greeny yellow solid was not labeled, so I don’t know!

      The colors available at The Plucky Knitter are so gorgeous.

      • I want to guess that the yellow is Prickly Pear.

      • Thanks!

  • I getcha on the peach thing. My husband demands..(in an undemanding way)…peach cobbler from the Betty Crocker cookbook that has been passed down from who know where~! We get the peaches and watch and wait. In the interim we eat nectarines to satify the slurping until the peaches come about or the cobbler.
    As for the knitting…well….it sure is a peach of a pattern and I LOVE it. my kind of knitting. Happy 4th of July and happy Summer!

  • oh that wrap – love the mix of patterns. looking at various projects on the Ravelry page, color mixing seems to be a skill some successful, some not (to my eyes) dont know if i could settle on colors … i may have to do this in two colors … one for the separating strips … one for the rest.

    as for THE AMERICANS i started it and love Mr Rhys . revisiting the 80s is weird but the problem i have is that with all the doom and gloom (another bombing today sigh and Elie Wiesel dead) i find i am watching more comedy when i finally sit

    i need escapism = Bob Newhart, Miranda (for the umpteenth time), Love, Nina (so good and only FIVE eps in the first season but more to come cant wait) and even Hogans Heroes.

    Its that sallow time – VEEP and SV are done until next year – what will happen to Selena? Will Richard and Bachman make up? these will have to wait until next year. and so its time to catch up on cosy mysteries or revisit old standards.

  • Summer fun! We went to a barbecue last night and had deviled eggs, watermelon salad, and peach crisp. Along with pulled pork, margaritas and wine. Then it was fireworks courtesy of the Mondavis, topped off with crazy group dancing in the courtyard. It was a perfect evening. Happy Summer to you lovely gals! XO

  • oh, damn canadian netflix and its spotty program offering … maybe we’ll get to see The Americans next year ! But then only Season One, like Broadchurch ! living in a part of the world where stone fruit is not possible to grow, i envy your peach-snacking — peaches and apricots are such a great way to celebrate summer. oh, now i miss my mom’s peach jam, too …

  • Peaches. Fuzzy peaches. But I prefer nectarines, because they’re non-fuzzy! Good thing there’s something for everyone! And I had to look 3 times to see the garter stitch triangles. Sneaky.