Robby Benson Film Festival

By Kay Gardiner
March 24, 2019
Field Guide No. 10 is here, with three relaxed, chic patterns from the inimitable Isabell Kraemer.

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  • I’m shocked that you have blatantly ignored the 1979 classic “Walk Proud” in which my beloved Robby plays a Chicano gang member in love with Susie Creamcheese. I still haven’t gotten over the Gilda Radner spoof of him on SNL.

  • Just seeing the name “Robby Benson” gave me the biggest smile. I can hear his voice perfectly.

    • Me too!

  • Didn’t Robby Benson also play Daniel in the movie The Chosen?

    • Well, I don’t know if the character’s name was Daniel, but yes, he played the Chasid son.

  • And in one of my very favorite roles as the Beast in Beauty and the Beast.

  • I had the biggest crush on him back then. He was also in a TV movie based on a book about a man’s son who dies from brain cancer, also I think, based on a true story, “Death Be Not Proud”. Then there was a comedy in theaters, “Die Laughing”. I went to see “Ode to Billy Joe” three times in the theater, back then there were no video devices to purchase and rewatch favorite movies, you had to wait until they were played on tv!

  • Can you stop by the off-track betting parlor with a toddler? I just remember accidentally taking a wrong turn into the Sports Book in the Bellagio with my little niece in a stroller a few years back, and being pounded upon immediately by security. You can walk through the casino with a children all you want, but because of the location of the Sports Book there is no “through” there. And you can’t apparently take a child “into” the Sports Book, even just to read the lines.

  • Wait–you’re skipping over something. Your husband played the ponies?

    • Yes, he loved it. Mostly focused on Triple Crown races and Saratoga in August.

  • Oh my goodness – to think I haven’t thought of Robbie Benson in years — like meeting that guy you had a crush on in junior high (this was before middle schools, but after crushes) at your 40th high school reunion.

  • Yes, dear Robby Benson. Loved him to pieces! He’s definitely the one I enjoyed most in the movies. Thank You for the revisiting of his work!

  • I now have the theme to Ice Castles in my head. I wasn’t even aware that I ever knew it. A quick Google search confirms that I had safely stored it away.

  • Weirdly, I seem to have missed Jeremy, but I definitely saw all the other Robby Benson movies you list. The difference might be that I would have still been in high school when Jeremy came out, and I just didn’t see that many movies in high school – my town was so small that the nearest movie theater was 10 miles away. (I did see Love Story, though!) I’ll need to rent it this weekend, obviously!

  • Love The Chosen, haven’t seen One on One in years and years with the fabulous Annette O’Toole.

  • Jeremy, oh Jeremy! My wonderful mom sat through that movie not once, but twice back then, first with my sister and her friends, then with me and my friends. I had completely forgotten this song, but I vaguely remember another one, a plaintive ballad going Jeeeeee-remy. Amazon is priceless.

  • I loved Ice Castles! I thought it was so romantic. Ah youth❤️