Sex Education

By Kay Gardiner
February 24, 2019
Isn't Knit Romantic?

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  • Our son, a millennial, recommended this show although commented that he wouldn’t want to watch it with us. Fair Warning!

  • Love this show! Have you ever watched Reign? That’s a slightly anachronistic saga of Mary Queen of Scots’ and her entourage’s teenage dramas. Pretty people and lots of intrigue.

  • Thank you for this! I no longer feel alone in enjoying this show (and, yes, I did have to cover my eyes a time or two). I’ve been recommending it to my kids and to all my friends, who just look at me as if I’ve truly gone over the edge. I’m pretty sure that not a single one has followed my recommendation!

  • We love this show!

  • This show is very funny. We’ve watched all of the episodes and hope there will be a 2nd season soon!

  • Agreed!! The title put me off but then I watched one episode and was hooked! The character development was terrific and I found myself laughing out loud on numerous occasions. The perfect series for sitting and knitting. Now I’m binging Mozart in the Jungle.

  • You are truly authentic. Love your recommendations, embarrassing or not, you are always spot on!

  • This show is great!!! Anything with Gilllian Anderson is a must for me. The ways in which her son is completely but so lovingly mortified are countless. A must see! I finished it in nights because sadly it’s a very short season. I’m currently on Schitts Creek and it is by far the funniest show I have watched ions. It just keeps getting funnier. A must watch if you haven’t seen it already!!

    • OMG love Schitts Creek! Turning everyone I know on to it. I’ll have to try this one

  • Just what this winter weary world needs!

  • Its a wonderful show! Just be creful you don’t spit your drink on yuour kniting!

  • We’re halfway through the first season and it’s genius! The episode with the abortion subplot was particularly good, written beautifully. A second season has just been given the green light, bring it on!

  • You neglected to mention that it’s also British!! As I am also a fan of Risky Business, Clueless, and The Breakfast Club, I am in! (Not to mention Say Anything.) Oh, and another, more recent (2010) addition to the genre, Easy A, with Emma Stone and Stanley Tucci, is also excellent and well worth watching.

    • The last scene in Easy A is a nice homage to Say Anything too (Penn B does a decent John Cusack impression).

      • OMG! Penn B was in Easy A? Well, I am just going to have to add this movie to my small, but carefully collected movies! And I LOVED Easy A! I may have fallen in love with Stanley, sigh…

  • OKG, I just watched it last night and I love it. I laughed so hard. I love all the characters. Thanks for turning me on to this gem.

  • Yes! I am even bravely watching it with my 13-yr-old daughter, and we have broached some good topics as a result.

  • This show is hilarious and I can’t wait for season two!

  • My millennial said she would watch it (again) with me – but certainly not with my husband It is hilariously straightforward on the subject, particularly the agonies of teen self esteem and the uncontrollable preoccupation with sex. We howled.