Six-Minute Laugh

By Ann Shayne
November 20, 2016
Fine things to make in quantity (except the blanket, which is frankly big)

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  • Hysterical!!! Loved it! Now back to my Gansey Wristers ☀️

  • Now I need to see that documentary on the postal code abbreviations.

  • You had me at Bob Newhart. Happy Sunday!

  • What a great start to my Sunday! I forwarded it to several non-knitting friends and relatives to brighten up their days. Thank you.

  • That six minutes did not last long enough! 🙂

    • I agree!

  • Oh my…..just the best

  • I’ve loved Gary Gulman’s stuff for a couple of years now. This really brightened my morning. Sometimes it’s less what he says than how he says it. Thanks for sharing!

  • Love it! Thanks for sharing! (I’m listening to Scholastic Book Fair as I type!)

  • I’m dying; say thanks to Hubbo for me.

  • That just sent me down the rabbit hole. I told myself I could only listen to one more, and then one more, and pretty soon I spent a lot more time than 6 minutes with Gary. Thanks for making me smile this morning…it is still morning, right?

  • Not a contractor, a contracter. Awesome.

  • Love! Thank you!

  • I love his library stuff! “100% off 100% of the time!”

  • Oh Ann! This just got me through five long rows of THREE-colors-at-the-same-time fair isle. Thank You!

    • Heroic!

  • Air Commas.

  • It’s the the first time I’ve really laughed since November 8. Thanks!!

  • His riff on cookie varieties is also hilarious.