Stranger Things

By Kay Gardiner
November 27, 2016

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  • I didn’t think I would like Stranger Things (being a fan of many of the same British shows that you are) but the Mister and I watched it because everyone seemed to be talking about it, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I especially liked the fact that it was relatively fast to get through (we watched two episodes a night and had gotten through the whole series in less than a week).

  • One of my daughters recommended this and as she is usually right, I watched it and did the whole season in a week. Loved it! (FWIW, she also got me totally engrossed by Orphan Black. Dont let the fact that it is about clones scare you off. Its a long way from Downton Abbey, but it is about friendship and family and loyalty, and there are British accents)

  • Stranger Things also came to me through my children. I loved it, too, for many reasons. It gave my kids and I something to share – they re-watched with me while I watched for the first time, we shared memes and other internet goodies related to the show, and I was able to share with them that this was what life was like when I was their age. There aren’t too many things that we can bond over to the extent that we bonded over Stranger Things.

  • Ooh yes, I just discovered that, I LOVED it – cross between X files and Stand By Me and … I don’t know, I’m still trying to place the slightly goofy heart of gold sherif.

  • We zipped through Stranger Things so fast. It hits the nostalgia button for us (born 1976).

  • I, too, didn’t think Stranger Things would work for me, but I loved it! This weekend, it’s been back to something closer to normal, binge-watching The Crown on Netflix. The reign of Queen Elizabeth II as a soap opera – it’s great! Can’t wait for the second season – we only got to the mid-1950s in the first one.

  • Thanks for the tip! We binged through The Crown while kiddo #1 was home for Thanksgiving break – so proud to have indoctrinated both he and his sister in the joys of British period dramas.

  • Words cannot express how much I loved Stranger Things. The little boys were just so freaking cute! Dustin is my favorite. His lisp is so adorable!

  • Count me in as a Stranger Things fan — like many of you, a recommendation from a son (though a daughter would do just as well for this). I am a fan of Freaks & Geeks — and Stranger Things is kind of like Freaks & Geeks haunted by Stephen King. Kay, you really have to treat yourself to the Goonies – it’s a family tradition at our house and only scary for about 5 minutes. The rest is all nostalgia, now at least. We are lucky to live close enough to actual Goonies places and have made a pilgrimage.