Lazy Sunday: The Chaperone

By Kay Gardiner
September 8, 2019

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  • A beef about Grandchester? What did I miss?

    • Yes, Kay, please do expand on your beef about Grantchester! What are we missing?

      • I love Grantchester but think that Sidney’s open mindedness on many issues strains credulity. It feels to me like overlaying views of 21st century onto a 1950s country vicar. What the Dickens!

        • I agree, Grantchester is taking some liberties with the period in terms of open-mindedness. However it doesn’t sound it for me because I enjoy the characters so much. On the other hand, o have up on Downton Abbey after about a season and a half after having tried and failed to like even one of the characters.

        • Agree totally, Kay. And I speak as a member of the clergy with some sense of British church history. Sidney would never make it in the world he’s supposed to move in.

        • Sigh, I have to agree. Sidney does seem like a 21st century enlightened fellow teleported into the 1950s. Maybe they’re pandering to their target audience. Maybe. But he is SUCH A DISH that I don’t care!!!

        • I thought they were trying to sound politically correct and it bothered me that they would stoop so low. I love the show but don’t think vicars in the 50s acted like that. Maybe I am naive.

        • I fully agree! I cant stand Grantchester.

      • You are totally right, Kay. It is offensive to have such a false narrative put in front of us in an otherwise engaging, if lightweight story. That would never have happened in that era. Downton Abbey made a similar mistake but not as Central to the story line.

        • Grantchester scenery is the best part. And the man who plays Geordie. But it’s totally unlikely that such a vicar would ever have made it. Or that the saintly Leonard would be likely to hold his beliefs in a church which condemned him. Etc. All very unlikely, but you don’t expect gritty reality in an afternoon noon tea type of entertainment. And Sidney is very irritating, not cute. I may be in a minority here! And yet I love to watch it. Oh, and Dickens is cool.

  • I was going to observe that Wichita, the one in Kansas, has only one t. But then realized there was another message there incorporating the inevitable Oz reference to the witches’ possible origin in Kansas with the tornado! We will with delight give you credit for the witticism!

    • No it’s a mistake! And one I distinctly recall correcting! But thank you for the great explanation!

  • I loved every minute of The Chaperone!

  • Elizabeth McGovern plus early modern dance to boot—what fun! Can’t wait!

  • Delicious!

    • If you like costume dramas, you may enjoy a Kate Winslet gem called A Little Chaos. She plays a landscape architect trying to design for Louis XIV in Versailles — welll before women were accepted in that job (I think there may still be some reluctantance even now!). Anyway it is great.

  • “Men don’t like candy that’s been unwrapped” cracked me up too

  • Without Sidney Grandchester is dead to me.
    Although I heard it was ok!

    • It really is okay. I didn’t think I’d like the new guy, but it works, for me anyway.

  • Kay, I totally agree about Grantchester.

  • I enjoyed the book this is based on. I’m looking forward to all the pretty!

  • “Prettying up history”, the reason I gave up on Grantchester, Les Miserables and Jamestown on PBS. I do love Julian Fellowes though, so thanks for the recommendation.

  • ‘Grantchester’ got more real in the latest season …
    And Chaperone aired on WNET/13? How did that fly under my radar? (Oh, wait, they didn’t promote it. It wasn’t their ‘project’ of the month)

    • I, too, don’t understand how this one got by me.

  • Ooh, yesh; I watch Grantchester, too. Hubby just pulled the entertainment center apart and has yet to put it back together to house our DVD, CD, etc., systems! Ack!! Any knitters/crocheters in the upcoming movie, would you/anyone know?

    I like to play that game, “I spy with my little eye…..knitters/crocheters/handi-workers on the tubes…..especially commercials, especially male handi-workers; LOL!!

  • I share your feelings about Grantchester, but it’s not the only show on PBS with hmm…moral anachronisms? Downton Abbey has the gay Thomas Barrow who is not “out,” but whose homosexuality is accepted by many of the characters in that show. (Though Rose’s marriage to the Jewish Atticus Aldridge seems to be addressed in a more period-appropriate way.) Dr. Blake has a female doctor working for him in 1950s Australia. Those are just the first that spring to mind. I suppose it’s just another way to make the heroes more heroic…

  • I love your review. Can’t wait to see it.

  • I loved it! But the book is better! Very satisfying.

  • I haven’t seen the movie but I totally enjoyed the book. I didn’t realize until I completed the book that Louise Brooks was a real person! That made the novel even better in my mind.

  • Ouch, ouch, ouch! Wichita only has one ‘t’!

  • I agree completely about Grantchester. I thought I was the only one. But it is not just Grantchester, producers are rewriting history with their shows. History is the way it was, not the way it is incorporated into the current society.

  • Thanks for telling me about this because it hasn’t shown in my town. I love Passport and watched today. Wish we still wore those cute hats. Have you looked at the Professor? Not as knitter friendly because it has subtitles.

  • Might I suggest Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day? Simply adorable and the book is even better.

  • I don’t care what the reviews say because it is my kind of movie ❤️