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  • Thanks for this. I read a note from Emma Thompson about saying goodbye to Alan, and heard Helen Mirren sparking about his loss. Very heart wrenching. But, I would have to agree on the codgers comment. Perhaps they are codger inn together up in heaven, blissfully out of pain.

  • Thanks for recommending this in never heard of it.

    I chose to watch Galaxy Quest again yesterday, available on Netflix. Don’t scoff if you haven’t seen it. While it’s a spoof of Trekkie types, it’s also a moving story. You will shed a few tears with the laughs.

    BTW, apparently Truly Madly Deeply is not available anywhere for rent, and only available at very high prices for purchase of used disks.

    I am sorry I’m away this weekend. I will miss joining you for the Central Park walk. I can’t turn down long weekends away for knitting related fun. Hubby will think I’m even more insane than he already does, given my yarn stash. I guess they will always hold VK live on MLK weekend.

    • Seconding your recommendation of Galaxy Quest. It’s a hilarious and wonderful depiction of actors, fanboys and fangirls, and Rickman is perfect in it.

  • BBC America is playing Robin Hood tonight if anyone needs a fix of the best Sherrif of Nottingham.

  • I watched Snow Cake on YouTube yesterday. Here’s a scene I love: https://youtu.be/o_o3LNlMYlc
    I look forward to watching this new gem as well!

    • Loved it!

  • I loved The Song of Lunch when it first aired here. In even greater obscurity, for those who wish not to cry and have Amazon Prime, I recommend spending $1.99 for a Season 6 episode of the wonderful animated series, King of the Hill. Even if you don’t know Texans Hank & Peggy, Rickman’s portrayal of the monarch of a Renaissance Faire is sublime(ly ridiculous). Title is for “Joust Like a Woman.” Thanks, IMDb!

  • I remember seeing that on PBS; so sad. Hope you had fun in Central Park, so sorry I missed out!

  • Truly Madly Deeply best movie for crying and best movie for showing real crying and not beautiful tear trickling down beautifully made up cheek. Have fun walking in the park.

  • Sigh… a hard week. Alan Rickman was on my short list of “if they’re in it, I’ll make a point of seeing it.” He NEVER disappointed. Such a glorious rich luscious voice…. (And Mary Lou has it exactly right: TMD has the very best on screen depiction of real crying I’ve ever seen.)

  • Thanks for sharing the link. When this originally aired, our local pbs station opted for something else during their fund drive. I have been hoping to watch this for quite some time, and now you have delivered it so all I need to do is click play!

  • Alan Rickman’s Colonel Brandon saying to Emma Thompson’s Eleanor “Give me something to do or I shall go mad” – such pathos, it was heartbreaking. Luckily I have a copy of “Truly Madly Deeply” and between that, S and S and Love, Actually, I can have a cryfest. Bonus: find him reciting “My Mistress’ Eyes” .. so droll. “A Little Choas” was good as well and I think currently on HBO. Such a sad loss.

    So sorry I missed you at VKL yesterday .. I guess I walked by the Knitty City booth at all the wrong times.

    Since it is a gray day here in NJ, perhaps I will put some videos on … and knit.

  • Thanks for these links. I had not heard of this movie.

  • Such a sad week! I also heard Helen Mirren speak about losing Alan…it instantly brought a flood of tears. Truly, Madly Deeply would be perfect for a good cry today – as we try not to be sad it’s over, but happy that it was. So wish I could have been in the Big Apple this weekend…and having no snow for the walk through the park was such a gift – given it’s January in NYC! Safe travels home!

  • I have seen and quite enjoyed The Song of Lunch. My library had it, for those looking for a chance to see it. I am hoping to find Truly, Madly, Deeply there. Knit On.

  • That was me who said they would have made outstanding codgers. So damn true, don’t you think? Can’t you just see it?

    From all accounts, these were gentle souls. And so very talented, both of them. They certainly had amazing lives, and contributed so much, so there is that. Thank you dear gents, and RIP.

    • What you said has stuck with me. It’s a great loss but they did both give so much in the time they had.

  • They both sounded like lovely people. Agree with the codger comment. Alan Rickman was our go-to actor– even if a film wasn’t otherwise worth seeing, he always was. The other day we watched Galaxy Quest– he steals every scene he’s in.

  • Thank you everyone for the above suggestions. I heard someone, I have no idea who, say that Alan Rickman’s voice was the human equivalent of a purr – a perfect description if ever I heard one.

  • One other 2014 movie I only saw at my library with Alan Rickman and Kate Winslet called “A Little Chaos”. Beautiful scenery and costumes

  • I saw Rickman in an obscure Ibsen play at Brooklyn Academy of Music five years ago. I had to look it up just now to remind me of the name. John Gabriel Borkman. It was so awful that even the dulcet tones of Rickman could not keep me in my seat. I fled at first intermission.

  • In high school, my friends and I were huge fans of David Bowie. I still remember seeing him in concert in the late 70’s. So talented! I’ve been wandering around humming Star Man all week.
    To lose Alan Rickman as well is truly sad. My kids grew up watching him as Hans Gruber and Severus Snape, even watching him in a voice part in King of the Hill, which was brilliant of course. We still watch Galaxy Quest, one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. He had incredible range. I’ll miss that voice. Fortunately, my youngest son does a dead-on impression of him. He does a great mash-up of Snape and Gruber.
    Both these artists defied categorization and maximized their talents as they saw fit. Such a loss!

  • This is a very nice interview with Rickman from early last year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXYlWu1JfKU
    A wonderful actor and a wonderful man. I loved him firstly for his voice and acting, but also for his politics. He will be greatly missed.

  • The Song of Lunch! Just put it into my Netflix queue last week, oddly. Have seen it and will gladly see it again. Thanks for all the other suggestions to remember these dearly departed fellows.

  • Love The Song of Lunch. Very sad though.

  • My latest lazy Sunday knitting binge is BBC Dickensian. Period drama, with the characters of Charles Dickens (fun to pick them out as they show up!). Think Once Upon a time, only with BBC Drama (drama done right) Charles Dickens and murder. So so good. I have no idea why they dont show it in america!