Lazy Sunday: The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes

By Ann Shayne
February 2, 2020
Can't sleep, either? Have a roll through some of our favorite diversions

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  • Actually, you do meet the owners, at the end of each episode 🙂

    • Thank you for the heads up! I’ve been grazing these like real estate listings—part of pretend-shopping for real estate is trying to see as many houses as I can. One conclusion so far: more swimming pools. I’m thinking I need at least three …

  • I love this series! I just watched an episode last night! Piers Taylor’s enthusiasm for the unique designs and Caroline Quentin’s absolute joy make this a very entertaining series.

  • I guess one day I may have to break down and sign up for Netflix.

  • Love, love, love this series. Caroline and Piers are the perfect duo to explore extraordinary homes throughout the world.

  • I want more seasons. I love this show.

  • Despite the fact that I’m on the MLS daily for my job, it sure is nice to view homes where a pesky budget isn’t in the way. Thanks for the heads up. I can’t wait to watch after an afternoon of open houses!

  • Thanks for the recommendation! We’ll be watching this tonight, not a football fan and Sanditon is pretty boring.

  • Ann, that series is wonderful. We are hooked, hubs and I. I couldn’t knit though, it was too engrossing. What a wonderful way to see the world. I love that Caroline Quentin goes thru the house like you or I would, and snoops a bit to find out where the real living goes on. It is a fabulous show! So thanks again.

  • What I liked about this is how genuinely interesting and beautiful these houses are. Shows like this often only serve to turn me commie, but this one showed money being well spent.