Lazy Sunday: Versailles Season 3

By Kay Gardiner
May 5, 2019

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  • Just was downloading a “couple” episodes to take with me to my 24 hour shift…. Knitting minds think alike

    • Love love love this series. The richness of the sets , the cinematography, the costumes melded to first rate acting , a complex and somewhat loosely based historical plot , and very handsome leading men – well it’s worth binging on . Only wish they would have continued it for a 4th season . Going through withdrawal now sadly .

      • I am done with all three season
        And no there is not another one to come dam it…it was so good.

  • Great idea! I am about halfway through Season 2 and somehow got distracted. Going back to it after your great review. I agree the people are gorgeous (esp the Duke of Orleans…) and I also really liked Henrietta.

  • Thanks for helping me find my next binge watch!

  • I would also like to add that the theme music (‘Outro’, by M83), assuming it’s the same across nations, is the finest I can recall. If you can get a hold of the full track the original piece of music builds and builds to a crescendo, then… builds for… second crescendo… holds it, breaks and sighs. It’s incredibly sexy.

    • It’s incredible. I’M YOUR KIIIIIIIIING

    • I love the music, and the entire series. It was amazing, and am disappointed there will be no more.

    • Omg…agreed as to the title song. It’s haunting at the same time.

      • Not trashy! Exciting, beautiful if not exactly historically spot on. May inspire some to learn more of the era. And the horses are gorgeous too.

  • ON IT. The minute I finish Dead to Me, that is.

    • I just finished dead to me! So amazing. However season 3 of Versailles was very disappointing and it’s the last season. It was cut very short

  • you sure it’s the final one? it didn’t feel like that to me, lots of unfinished stuff in it. and a little less compelling than the two previous seasons, but still an excellent plan for a lazy sunday

    • According to Alexander Vlahos it’s the last one.

  • Wow! I’ve binged/knitted through all six of the others you mentioned, so why have I not tasted Versailles (and you make it sound so tasty)? I’m on it – right after I finish the new season of OA. The new season of Shetland will have to wait.

    • Love it!! I also loved Reign

  • I am afraid Versailles is too decadent for me, but your description was scrumptious!

  • Love Versailles! I just binged The White Queen and The White Princess because the Spanish Princess starts tonight! All on Starz.

  • I agree with all of the above, plus-

    I love the Princess Palatine- practical and making it work

    The men’s clothing outshines the women’s- the jackets/coats, ruffles, and best of all- those shoes!

    I did my binge watching 2-3 weeks ago when the new episodes popped up. I was hoping for another season, sounds like #3 is the last 🙁

  • I can’t do horrible people stuff anymore. Too much of it in real life. I work at a medical clinic for the poor, mostly recent immigrants— they ARE the help, and their work situations are pretty awful. Plus, there’s just too much of horrifying, immoral rich people screwing everyone over in real life right now— by which I mean our jackass bigot of a president and his appalling family and their cohort. I’m an English and History major (before I became a doc)— I used to love this stuff. I swear, the current political climate is going to make me watch nothing but Touched by an Angel or something. 😉

    • Call The Midwife is also great for this mood!

    • I can’t believe you could turn a lovely discussion on a wonderful TV series into a political statement. I am not the least bit interested in your views on the President. You are in the wrong thread.

    • I completely understand and it needs to be said . When you work in the trenches like you have and I have as well knitting is a refuge. Some popular societal entertainment can retrigger secondary trauma . There is always a place for expression on knitting blogs . You were expressing your grief and pain about real reality. Knit on

    • I understand and admire your choice. I felt a bit queasy watching the first episode and my head was in my knitting through several parts. Yet we saw all of series one. What does this say about us? I wonder why our society is willing to view brutality, terror and torture as entertainment?

  • Agreed but I also watch for Fabien Marchal! He’s an amazing badass lol

    • Oh yeah!

  • I just loved Versailles Phillipi is my favourite…

    • Moi aussi!

      • This is one of my very favourite series of all time. I find it totally intriguing. And the actors who portray the 2 brothers are fabulous in their roles. The dialog is brilliant. I have watched the episodes many times. Oh I so wish there had been a Season 4.

  • I love Versailles. So sad that is over . Iam in love with George Blagden.
    The acting is great and the clothes are amazing. I have visited Versailles Castle so Many times. It never séase to amazed me how beautiful it’s and the power behind Louis fourteenth and his vision.

  • I have watched all 3 seasons with intense excitement and intrigue. After visiting the actual Versailles, watching the show and imagining all the drama that actually happened there, was amazing. The details to the backgrounds and sets were perfection and the actors flawless in their portrayals. I am going to watch them all again and again.

  • I am so disappointed they did not continue this. Shame on them. They had a wonderful intriguing show which I couldn’t wait to see every week. Don’t know how they figure things out but they were so wrong not to keep it going. Very let down fan

  • I have to finish Victoria, and then I can move on to Versailles! And still watching Game of Thrones. My knitting gauge is all over the place. Good thing it’s a shawl!

    • So sad there is no season four. Loved this sassy decadent historical series so much

  • I enjoyed all 3 seasons!

  • I’ve been watching Unforgotten on PBS Detroit and rewatched season 1 and 2 on Britbox just because it is so good. But I also feel F1 Racing is compelling knitting time. It sure does have a nice long season though☺


  • I cannot wait for the next series of Versailles.
    That just ticks all of my boxes.
    Lord Blagden always plays a stunning role as the King.

    I absolutely love this drama.

  • I watched the whole series and I see why they didn’t do another. What a Stupid ending!!!! It’s like they ran out of ideals. Don’t get me wrong loved the show up till the last season, downheel from there.

  • I’ve seen all three seasons and I cant get enough. I’m not the type to watch series but this one is by far THE BEST.

    • I agree! I have watched all 3 seasons several times. I wish the series would have continued; the costumes, the surroundings and, of course, Alexander Vlahos.