Virtual Sheep Festival

By Kay Gardiner
October 21, 2018
The MDK Shop brings the fiber festival to you. Artisanal yarns made by nice people.

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  • Dear Ann and Kay, it was pleasure to meet you in person again at Rhinebeck. I read your blog every morning for a bit of inspiration in the vast knitting world. Thank you for signing the ‘Fair Isle’ booklet. I’m attempting to use that technique again after being taught by the infamous Alice Starmore in the ‘90s during her book tour to promote her first Fair Isle book in the States. Keep writing entertaining blogs and I’ll keep reading every morning. P.S. I really wanted to see the big flower jacket that Ann spoke about last week.

  • I’ll be there today – so excited! Hope to see you in the book booth. I need to figure out which Field Guide to bring home with me!

  • Is there a collection of fiber festivals on on the internet somewhere? I’m in MD, so we have the next most exciting sheep and wolf estival, and many more (alpaca festival in 2 weeks!) Just curious.

  • I always love Gale’s video Strike A Pose that she took there. It makes me smile.

  • Cozy and warm way to start my Sunday over here on the left coast *sigh*
    Have fun and scrunch the woolly top of a sheep’s head for me!

    • Ditto!

  • I have recommended the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival in Tunbridge to many folks, and am going to take this opportunity to do it again 🙂 Rhinebeck is a phenomenal event, no doubt about it – the hands-down get-there-once-if-you-can festival of fiber. I’ve loved it every time I’ve managed to get there, and hope to do it again. But there is a lot to be said for a smaller-scale, family-friendly event, nestled between the wooded hills of southern Vermont, which are usually at some stage of coloring up by the end of September. There are sheep of many breeds, workshops and demonstrations, sheepdogs, cashmere goats, vendors, food…in short, All The Stuff. I’ve come home with jars of honey, handwoven towels, packets of seeds, a FAMACHA certificate, and – of course – needles, notions, and yarn.

  • Couldn’t be there today; but as luck would have it, I do happen to have a caramel apple! Can’t make this stuff up. Anyway I trust you guys are having a wonderful time and the weather certainly does seem to be cooperating. ❤

  • I will probably never get to Rhinebeck but I went to the Black Sheep Gathering in Oregon this year and it was awesome. You should come!

  • Sear Ann and Kaye, it was such a pleasure to meet you on Saturday! You make my morning commute on the LIRR si much better. Thank you for signing the Field Guides, I can’t wait to start a Log Cabin blanket. See you next year at Rhinebeck!

  • And your smiles lift me up !

  • Rabbits (like hares and pika) are lagomorphs (NOT rodents!). One day I shall return to Rhinebeck but in the meantime I’ll enjoy everyone’s IG posts and stories and visit the llamas and alpacas down the road and the fiber festivals at Estes Park and Taos which are a bit closer to home.