By Kay Gardiner
November 19, 2017
Laugh While You Knit (But Don't Drop a Stitch)

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  • So glad you found this. Yes Twenty Twelve is about the Olympic preparations but just as excellent at exposing organisational madness! How lucky you are to be seeing it from new

  • Loved W1A. And Twenty Twelve is just as wonderful.

  • Love this show! 🙂

  • Couldn’t agree with you more Kay, these are both wonderfully written and performed shows.
    For their Australian equivalents, see if you can track down these mockumentaries:
    The Games – about the preparations for the Sydney 2000 Olympics, especially the episode about the 100 metre track.
    Utopia – set in the offices of the Nation Building Authority
    Noting that for this one ABC is referring to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

  • Love W1a. Right , brilliant . ! Now have to find 2012. Thanks for the tip.

  • I just heard this mentioned on one of my fave podcasts (Slate’s Double X)! UK-born recommender June Thomas noted that it offers a smorgasbord of British accents. Will tune in!

  • Oh, yay! I need new bingeworthy tv since I’m about done with Vera and we’re trying to take it slow through Longmire’s last season (not Brit but so good).

  • We LOVE this show and can’t stop speaking their way for at least a day after … yea, right, sure, yea, brilliant, of course, yea sure!

    • I’m not being funny here, but the Welsh gal is a trip!

  • I’ve caught episodes of this show, here and there … and said “Yes! Another new Britcom!” It has also been on our local (NY) PBS on occasion.

    Question — have you ever seen “Coupling?” That is laugh out loud silliness … and to see the actor who played Jeff in “The Collection” was a surprise, though he is also in “Wives and Daughters.”

    • I remember Coupling so well. It was like Friends, but funnier and naughtier. Started to watch The Collection recently, and it took me a lot of thinking to place where I’d seen the Jeff actor before; the roles are so different! The uptight blonde character from Coupling, very pretty and funny, is in a show called Marley and Me that is on my PBS station and despite being British and having great actors in it, is almost unwatchable to me.

      • I found Marley and Me to be unwatchable also.

  • Twenty twelve is well worth hunting up. My measure of a show’s quality is whether any of its phrases become part of our family language – this yielded several excellent ones. Thrilled to hear there’s a sequel-ish!

  • I’m not being funny or nothin’ but you are spot on. The bad news? By the end of the third season, I believe they’ve milked the situation that they created as far as they can. Personally, I don’t think there is anyplace to go so I won’t be disappointed if there is no series four.

  • Wacky that I just started watching (I mean showverdosing) this yesterday! Reminds me of a less sweary The Thick of It which if you haven’t seen, you must! thanks for the tip about TwnetyTwelve!

  • I LOVE W1A, I worked for the AP in London for five years and HONESTLY, my boss and I used to crack up in meetings because of the W1A speak. Being a Brit, I have plenty of friends who work at the BBC and the fiction is only a whisker away from fact