Where to Watch Oscar Nominee Movies Online

By Ann Shayne
February 26, 2017
Wouldn't it be fun to get a bit of yarn in the mail?

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  • Ann, your dad was right, but it was beautifully real. I really liked it AND Hidden Figures.

    • Exactly, it was SO real. And beautiful.

  • After spending Saturday double knitting an intricate pattern, it’s time to pull out the Hadley today (really behind) and do some mindless knitting. How come 17.5 inches takes forever?

  • As a linguist, I can heartily recommend Arrival! Great sci fi film with a very human focus, and also a reasonably good representation of a linguist for Hollywood. Also, I’ve quite literally locked myself out of my Twitter account until I finish my thesis. My life has been better for it. (Though I do miss the knitter interaction that happens there.)

  • We watched Arrival and Hacksaw ridge this weekend. Both so good!

  • Saw Manchester by the Sea, filmed in our neighboring towns and cities. My husband did not find my review, “It’s not as bad as you think it’s going to be.” sufficiently encouraging to get him to see it, too.

  • Thanks–just what I need to make progress on my Hadley sleeves!

  • I saw Arrival but didn’t like it. If these aliens are smart enough to build a space ship and travel to earth, why aren’t they smart enough to know our language!?! I had more dislikes about the movie but that is the main one. I can’t wait to see Hacksaw Ridge which should be coming to me soon from my local library! There is a documentary from 2004 called Conscientious Objector about the same man that I saw sometime ago. It was great. We just got a re-released copy at our library and I’m going to watch it again before watching the movie.